Sunday, August 24, 2008

Treasure Hunt

Yes, Treasure Hunt!!
That's what we do (my parents and I) every Friday and Saturday morning. Those are our garage sale days, where we look for "treasures" for the store. Sometimes we will find a great sale first thing. Lots of loot, nice people, and good deals.
Other times we can drive around all morning and find very little to put in the store. But, we do almost always find nice people, and we have good visits wherever we go.

Now, I have noticed that most people treat you as you treat them. So since we are generally cheerful, ready for a visit, and my Dad ready to sing to anyone who will listen, most people are nice and friendly in return.

But, there are those people who, no matter how friendly you are, or what 'song' you sing, just aren't up for much of a visit, or poor things, don't even have a smile to put on their faces.

Now, we do try to keep in mind, that not everyone is as happy about what they are doing as we are. Some haven't figured out yet that it is a choice to be happy, give a smile, or say a kind word. So sad.

Choosing to be happy is a hard thing to learn. Some people are just born that way. (how great is that?), and others, like myself, have had to learn it (and are still learning it) over time. It is a day to day choice, a process.

It helps to have someone like my Mom around. She is happy, and always has a helping hand, and an encouraging word. She is a lovely person, with a sweet and gentle spirit. It's not because her life has always been a bowl of cherries or piece of cake. It is something she learned to do early on, and chooses to do every day. She's the kind of person you want to be around, need to be around.
That sweet spirit comes from her trust in the Lord. It's a deep peace that we can't accomplish on our own, but grows as we learn to trust the Lord, and see and know, to the depths of our soul, how much He loves us.

That's the kind of person I want to be!

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xspammie said...

hi there well I have to agree with you about your Mom. She has a special kind of spirit, calm and cheerful no matter what. Such a blessing to have someone like that in your life.