Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Work Day

Monday was a workday at the shop. Scott, my husband of almost 40 years, was back from a visit with his family, and he took an extra day off to get some of those "manly" chores done.
So, now we have better lighting in the garage and storage rooms (working with wirinig makes me nervous and not something I feel daring enough to try), and, my new sign is up!
I do need to say however, that it sure looks small, ( it looked fine as a sandwich board on the sidewalk, but on the 8' post it looks smaller). We are already planning a new one but it usually takes us awhile to get going on something.
Scott promises not to strangle me, although I'm sure he must be tempted. =0))

I also got a lot of sorting done, a couple more shelf brackets up, and some rearranging of furniture.

I have noticed one thing different about Scott and I in the area of taking on projects. He chooses a project and sticks with it till it is done. I, however, have 20 (at least) going at the same time, and never (well, I shouldn't say never, but it seems like it) get one whole thing done. I think it is just the difference between men and women. We are just wired differently. After all these years I am finally startng to learn some of these things, and it sure makes life easier.We read a book on that very subject some time ago. Sometime maybe I'll give you a quick recap and maybe it will help you too.

All for today. Need to get part of those 20 things done.
Blessings on your day. =0))

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