Saturday, August 2, 2008

Garage Sale Day. Love it!!

My favorite days of the week, Friday and Saturday, garage sale days!!
Today my friend Sharon went with me. Weather was cold this morning, but once we got into the swing of things we warmed right up.
Not too many sales today, and we got lost a couple of times. (I should say the sales were not where they were supposed to be.) =0) We found a few *good deals, and had a great time.
* a vintage lamp table, and two sets of dishes for the store, and some odds and ends. Sharon found some huge glass containers for centerpieces for her home.
So, back to the shop to find places to store or display them, an on going task, but made easier with help from my Mom who is my right (and sometimes left) hand.

Maybe I never mentioned my newest venture. I opened a store last May! Might be less confusing if you knew something about that. =0)
It is a gift shop, with wonderful locally crafted gifts and decor, and repurposed finds, mainly in the cottage garden, and vintage line. Handmade candles, tea cozies, painted signs and boxes, sachets from vintage embroidery, and much more. I love roses and pansies and tea cups, so there are lots of those around. We are getting ready to open another room. Will tell you about that later, and also try to get some photos up.

Have a wonderful Sunday. =))

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