Saturday, August 9, 2008

Exciting Day!

What a fun day today!!
Not only did we find some good loot at garage sales, (more about that later) but I had 2 of the nicest ladies come in. They are from San Jose and here visiting family, saw the article in the Country Register newspaper, and came to the store. We had the best visit. It was like we were old friends. They took a lot of time to look around at every little thing, and appreciated the hand crafted items and the way the store was set up. Of course we talked the whole time.
After, they went to lunch, and I wish I could have joined them! Alas, I did have a store to run. =0)

Afternoon was very productive getting the new room ready. I hope it will be open next week, but not rushing, as it stays fun that way.

OK, here's some or our good finds today: 3 pairs of lovely light green shutters, (will probably use those for display), a beautiful mirror with shelves, a corner table, more lace table cloths, and a lot of miscellaneous.

PS to my new friends: I'd love a copy of the photo Mom took of us. =0))


Rose Petals & Blooms said...

Hi Barb~

I can relate to your excitement with your shop and the wonderful customers that come with it. I too owned a B&M, unfortunately, I had to close my doors after two years. It broke my heart to close... owning a shop had been my dream for 20 years, to close was devasting for me.

After closing, I realized, it wasn't just the decorating,or filling the shop that I missed, it was the customers! They were my saving grace, I never had a customer I didn't like.

Your shop is so dear, I know you're having a ball decorating your new room.

Have a ton of fun, that's what it's all about~

Happy Sales my friend,

Barbara Jean said...

Thank you for taking the time to write, and all the time you are taking to answer questions about setting up a web site. I am so enjoying out visits.
Love how you can feel like old friends with someone you have never met!!