Wednesday, July 30, 2008

First Post!!!! YAY!

First of all, thanks to Angie, my wonderful, and very patient daughter, for her help with this and so many other things. All this computer stuff just throws me!!

This first post will be short as I have already spent time just figuring out how to get on here.
Of course there is a list of things a mile long I should be doing, like getting things cleaned up at the shop, opening the new room at the store, painting the roses my students have challenged me to do, and there is, of course, the on going list of laundry, cooking meals and so on that are always last on my list. (Sorry my sweet husband). =0/

To all my friends who will undoubtedly be supporting me by reading this, and have already been such a source of help and encouragement, thank you, thank you!!
And Mom and Dad, I'm not leaving you out. Thank you for your encouragment, and all the help you've been.

All for now. Off and running.
God Bless your day,