Saturday, November 27, 2010

I Love to Teach, & Ponderings

These pictures are of spur of the moment class I had a couple weeks ago.
Above Is Tanja,
and this is Marilyn below.

And these are the lovely flowers they made.
(tutorial HERE)

I love teaching and believe that what we learn
is meant to be shared with others.
Whether it is crafts, or life's lessons.

We all go through hard things.
We go through them, not only for our own growth,
but also to help others as they go through them.

We need help to get through some of these things.
We need prayer, a kind and supportive word, someone to talk to.

As we are open about our own hurts and trials, others are
free to be open about what they are facing.
Instead of feeling shame, and loneliness and isolation,
we are all free to help and support and learn from each other.

Those are just my ponderings.


barbara jean

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Thoughts to Ponder

We just got back from vacation.
The first day, when we stepped outside,
there were 5 deer grazing about 30' from our door.

They did not seem to stir much, but just kept eating
and watched us as we watched them.

Later in the week I was thinking about this.
How they were not afraid because they were
used to humans being near by.

I wondered if that is how it is in our walk with God.
We are not afraid because we
are used to God being near by all the time.

On the other side of that:
If we are afraid, is it because we have not kept Him near?

Just thoughts to ponder.


Barbara Jean