Wednesday, September 23, 2009

My morning walks with God.

God speaks to me through signs.

Traffic signs.

We go for long walks in the morning.
On these walks God has opened my eyes to all the wonder of His creation.

Two months ago God started 'speaking' to me through, traffic signs.
OK, now don't pass me off as a nut case, but hear me out,
and see if He speaks to your heart.

(I will say I felt a bit overwhelmed by this 'assignment' to share.
I said, "Lord, it is all just too much to share, and it will be too long for a post.
How can I do it?"
His answer, "One step at a time."
So simple. =0)

So, here we go, the first step.

I would see a sign, like


My thoughts would be:

"Is there anything I am doing that I should stop doing?"

This was an opportunity for me to examine my heart,
my priorities, my direction.
Was I keeping God first in my life?
Do I need to stop one ministry to free myself for another
God has in mind?

Do I need to 'stop' and listen??
To Him, to others??

So you see, God used that sign to send a message to me.

Here is another example:
This kind of goes together with the stop sign.

Is the direction I am going a dead end?

I know God uses everything
in our lives to mold us into His image,
but is what I am doing the 'best' God has for me right now?
Is it something I am choosing on my own?

One more for today.


What speed am I going?
Am I running around all the time?
Hurry, hurry, hurry?
Am I going so fast I cannot hear His voice?
Read His Word?
Do my friends think I am too busy to sit with them?
Listen to them?
Spend time with them?

Am I going faster than my angels can fly?


So this is how God speaks to me through signs,
and I see His messages everywhere.

Blessings as you watch for His signs in your life.

barbara jean

Saturday, September 19, 2009

A little piece of serenity for you.

Enjoy your day of rest.


barbara jean

Friday, September 18, 2009

God meets us with outstretched hand

I had an ‘interesting’ birthday this week.

It started out great.

A warm birthday greeting and hug from my sweet fella.

A small gift, a token of his love.

A quiet morning, my walk, then getting ready to face the day.

Lunch time my guy came home with a bouquet of roses for me,

and a traditional 6 pieces of See’s candy I like.

I had my regular weekly appointment at 1 with my counselor, so left at 12:40 to that.

Normally this is about a 10 minute drive.

HOWEVER, today there was an accident on the way.

It took me a half hour to get 2 miles down the road!

Although I was praying that whoever was in the accident

and the workers on the scene would not be hurt severely,

I was still frustrated at the thought of being late.

I called my fella and asked him to call the counselor and

tell her what was happening and that I would be late.

After 45 minutes I finally arrived, and she had been watching for me,

waiting for me at the door. She knew what had happened, and

scurried out to meet me, arms outstretched,

wanting to know if I was OK.

She was ready to comfort me and listen.

Well, you know I wasn’t ok, and burst into tears while telling her.

At any point on my way there,

I could have given up getting to my counseling,

and just turned around and gone home

But I kept moving forward, towards help and comfort.

I was pondering this at my quiet time this morning,

and thought what a wonderful picture of our Lord this is.

He knows what has what has happened, every detail.

He knows what is ahead of us.

He knows His plan for us.

He knows our frustrations, our hurts, our hopes and our cares.

He knows how we are feeling, and He is waiting,

ready to meet us wherever we are, arms outstretched, ready to listen, to comfort, to help.

But we need to keep moving toward Him.

We have to be wiling to drop to our knees, humble ourselves,

quit trying to carry the burden by ourselves.

We need to completely surrender to His loving kindness and direction.

Thank you Lord, that you are right here, right now, every second of every day..

You are waiting and reaching out, ready to give me direction,

and to comfort me in the illness and aging of my parents.

Help me not to do anything on my own Lord,

but to to fall at your feet, pour out my heart to you,

receive your direction,

comfort and love,

and let the cleansing tears flow.

May your day be Blessed with His comfort and Love.

Barbara Jean

Saturday, September 12, 2009


OK, you prayed my foot better, and it is holding up.

Here is another one, a bit more serious.

We are suddenly moving my folks up here to live.
My Dad's dementia is getting very bad,
and my Mom needs out help.

We knew this was coming, but we thought a
year or so down the road.

My sweet fella has just retired, so
We are being hit with two big life changes all at once.

I know God is in control of it all,
just pray i can remember that, and rest in his peace.
Thank you all for being there.

sweet blessings,

barbara jean

Here are some pictures of thistledown for you.
Life can be prickly for awhile,
if you wait, it will soften up and be beautiful again. =0)

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Thanks for Prayer.

Thank you for your prayers about my foot.
I've been taking it easy for few days now, and it is much better.
(I'm sure some of your prayers must have been for wisdom and rest).

Now, a bit of a thought for you.

My morning walks with God

On our morning walks,
I would see many beautiful and wonderful things.
A majestic red barn, surrounded by trees.

A reinvented fence....

beautiful ponds....

and this...
my friend, the Egret.

Each morning, for 6 weeks, as I passed this pond,
there he was...
Standing stately, calmly, peacefully.
Never rushing about, just standing.

Then, one day, he was gone.

Questions, and thoughts:

How am I standing before the Lord?
Am I calm in His presence, like this Egret in the pond?
Or am I frantically rushing around, and getting no where.
Lord, help me to be like that Egret,
and just be still before you.

Second thought:

I missed that Egret.
I wondered what happened to it.
Where had it gone?
Was it OK?
But I really had no way to find out.

Then I thought:

What about our blog friends?
Have we noticed someone is gone?
Has not left you a note or a comment for awhile?
Wondered what happened to them?
But maybe did not take the time to find out?

It's summer.
Maye they are just not blogging as much.
Off on vacation, or busy.

But, it could be more.
It could be they are hurting.
Maybe had something happened that they cannot be here.

What can we do?
We can find out!!
Drop that person a note!
Leave a comment, even if they have not posted for awhile.
Maybe all they need to make their day,
is to know someone out here was thinking of them.

OK, now, who are you thinking of?
Who have you noticed has not come by?
Drop on by, and let them know they are missed.

Blessings on your day.

barbara jean

Friday, September 4, 2009

God Morning

Isn't this the most beautiful spider web you have ever seen?

a tiny prayer request:

I am having trouble with my right foot,
and needing to rest it right now.
no morning walks for a bit.

would like it better quick so i can enjoy
the brief time of good weather we have left..

thanks and blessings.

Barbara Jean

I will still be doing posts here as i have tons to share from precious walks.
blessings and smiles

Tuesday, September 1, 2009