Sunday, August 3, 2008

First Photo

OK, so it's only one photo, and I don't know how I did it, but I'm feeling some measure of success right now. =0))

About the store:
The photo below is of a child's cupboard. As you can see, I love pink!
It has doilies, miniature tea sets, vintage hand-crafted tea cozies, candles, and any other little things I can get in it. In the foreground (not in photo) is an adorable child's wrought iron table and 2 chairs, white with pink cushions).
I am having so much fun with all this!! It's like "going to work" in a little wonderland!

Next time I will try some close ups of things and see how I do. (guess I'd better figure out how I even got this photo on here first.)
Right now, better get ready for church, and a family picnic.

As a friend of mine tells me "Dream Big"! God has more for us than we could ever imagine.


Unknown said...

Good job, Barb! So cute!

Barbara Jean said...

Thanks Sue.
I'm having fun, and not too frustrated. =0)