Sunday, August 17, 2008


Here's another picture from the store. This is the "powder room" area. A sign for the door, old fashioned powder containers, candles, and a cute little dish to put your jewelry in while you soak in that nice hot tub of JellyBath. (weird stuff but great! I'll tell you about that later)
You can see I love bits of pink here and there, and there is another "pink area" coming soon. It will have little girls furniture, and pieces for her little doll friends too. Cradles, a high chair and even a little table and chair so she and her special doll can have tea. Let's not forget the miniature tea cups and saucers that will be scattered around, sitting on little doilies, of course. =0)
Speaking of tables and chairs, there is the cutest little white wrought iron table and two chairs as you come in the door of the store. It has pink cushions, and all set up with a tea set and cute little center piece. So fun!!
Better enjoy my "day of rest" now, where I catch up on laundry, and tidying up around the home front.
Enjoy the break from the hot weather, and remember to share your smile with someone today. =0)

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