Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A Grateful Heart

 Today I am thankful.
I do not feel that way every day...but today I do.
I find, as I know my Lord more and more,
and spend more time with Him,
my heart has grown, into a more thankful heart.

So, today I am thankful for a husband who buys me
raisin bran and bananas for my breakfast.
 I'm thankful for my little brother,
who made this 10x10 patio for me years ago.
It is flagstone...not bought at the local quarry,
but gathered from way out in the woods.
He had to climb up and down banks,
and carry it one slab at a time.
It took a few trips out to the woods as
it is so heavy, and his truck was little.
A true labor of love.
 I am grateful for this back yard,
that although it is full of weeds,
it is our back yard, and it is what I see each
morning when I sit with the Lord for a time.
He has given me an old maple tree to look at, and a squirrel
and birds each day. Thank you Lord.
 I'm grateful for this messy pile in the back yard.
It shows I have a husband who is healthy enough to
cut off dead tree limbs, big limbs, and cut them up for fire wood.
To heat the house God has provided for us.
and I'm grateful for our old car.
Lost hubcaps, missing trim, dirt and all.
It has over 200,000 miles on it, and still plugging along.
I use it to haul grandkids, and loot for my store.
This car has made many trips, and been part of many memories.

So,today Lord, I am thankful......
for you,family, for provision, for a hope and a future.
For knowing you love me, no matter what.

Thanks for coming by friends.

blessings to you all.
barbara jean