Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Remember is one of my favorite words.


He Loves You
He thinks of you every moment of every day
He is always with you.

He knows the plans He has for you.
He guides and directs your paths.

He wraps His loving arms around you.
He saves every tear in a bottle
and is with you when you cry.

He rejoices over you with singing.

He gave His Son for you.

He gave us His word to guide us in His ways.
He gave us the Holy Spirit to speak to our hearts.

And He has prepared a place for us,
to be with Him for eternity.

What does Remember mean to you?


barbara jean

Monday, June 28, 2010

Thanks for prayers

Thanks to those who wrote and prayed.
I feel really silly about it all now.
I was just having an exhausting couple of days.
And the thing with my Dad and all got to me.

My Dad is doing better now.

Kids are over their strep throat.

I'm catching my breath.

all is well with the world

And yes, God is in control of it all,
and does give peace in the midst of the storm.

thank you friends


barbara jean

Sunday, June 27, 2010

How are you today?

What do you say when people ask you that?

It's Sunday morning. Time for church. I'm tired. Physically, and emotionally.
Friends will inevitably ask the question, "How are you?"
If I let them really know, or see, I would probably cry myself into a puddle on the floor.
So I keep my distance, so I do not fall apart.

Well, I'm exhausted! Should I say that? Or should I just say fine?
Often times I will just ask them back "How are you?", try to avoid giving them an answer altogether.
Sometimes I get away with that, and sometimes not.

I wake up in the morning thinking how tired I am, but anxiety for the day gets in the way of my sleeping any more.
I lay there in bed trying to give praise to the Lord, but not feeling anything.
The fact that the Lord is worthy of all our praise, feeling it or not, is the fact of the matter.
So I try to continue. But I am a feeling person, and all I feel, is tired.

So I wondered, maybe I am more tired because I say it, I focus on it. I tell my friends about it my list of things to do. Maybe that is like doing it all 10 times. No wonder I am tired.

Should I be like my Mom and just say I am great whether I am or not? (knowing with Dad having Alzheimers she cannot always be great). I call that postive confession.

Where does being honest come in?

I like what my friend Carol says when asked the "How are you" question, and life is not the greatest right then. She says, "not so well, but God is taking care of it."

So, How are you today??
What will you say?
Please share your thoughts.

I pray you will all be blessed as you draw near to Him.

Barbara Jean

Friday, June 25, 2010

If nothing else....

I played Silly Face with my Grand kids.

Silly Face.....

Silly Face.....

Sleepy face.....

Grumpy Face.

A fun Time.


barbara jean

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Thanks for Prayers

old photo

My Dad's cancer surgery went well today.
It was not as bad as was thought.
Continued prayer against infection please.

Now, I need to catch up on my rest.

Thank you all so much.
barbara jean

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I'm smilin' again

I'm over the flu, and back to 900 miles an hour again.
thanks for your prayers.
Please pray for my Dad's cancer surgery on hi nose tomorrow.

More another time

thanks and blessings

barbara jean

Friday, June 4, 2010

Oh, That Flu Bug Bit Me!!

This has been my home the past two days.
Yep. I've got the flu, and the couch, and bed are
about the only two places I've seen since
wednesday night. (except the bathroom)

I have not even been on the computer!
Now that is really sick!!!!

I'm glad to say, I ate some toast last night, and this morning,
so I am on the mend. Just achy and drained now.

And I'm REALLY glad to say, I hardly ever get sick!!

So thank you Lord for that,
and for whatever reason I am down now.

Blessings to all,

Barbara Jean

PS I am so grateful for my sweet fella who has
been watching the store for me.
(all the while praying no one comes in for tea.) =)
And for my friends who are helping today and tomorrow.