Monday, June 29, 2009

Has someone come into your mind today?
A thought, " hmmm, wonder how so and so is doing?"

What did you do when that thought came into your mind?

How many times has someone come into our minds, and we did nothing?
How many times have I thought of someone,
and thought, "I should drop that person a note."
"Well when i get done with this...".
Then you forget.
It doesn't get done. The note is never sent.

Did you find out later that person could
have really used that note, that contact, that day?
Did you find out they were sad and discouraged,
and wondered if anyone in the whole world
even knows or cares they are alive?
Did you know they were sitting, crying, feeling sad and alone?

That small voice tells us these things for a reason.
I need to learn to follow through!!
Not only will the person I contact be blessed and feel loved,
I will be blessed for following through with these little nudgings
from the Spirit.

Is there someone that came to mind when you read this?
Drop them a note, give them a call. Don't wait.
You'll know what you are supposed to do.
The Spirit will lead you.


Barbara Jean

It's Blue Monday!!!

Blue Monday

Go on over to Smilin' Sally's
and see all the blues today!!

Here are some pics my daughter sent.
If you look real hard, you'll find a bit of blue in all of them. =0)

Here's her group of little darlin's.
I do see a bit of blue there. =0)

Here's our newest little sweetie.
6 months old already!!!
Look at those blue eyes!

And here is our one and only grandson.
Remy is 2, and is aaaaallll boy!!!
Wish i had a 10th of his energy.
And he has one of my characteristics
he talks constantly!
(I did;'t say it was a good one he got from me,
just that he had one. =0)

Here is the hammock.
It is on the brand new play structure
their Dad built for them.
It's awesome,. and they love it!
(will get a pic of the other side sometime.)

And a couple more picks of our little sweetie Rowan.
Just so sweetly playing with her toy.

I'll let you write a caption for this fun pic!!
maybe "whadda ya' mean, play time is over?"

Thought for the day:
Say 'I love you',
and spend time with those you love.
Every day is a precious gift.

Blessings to all of you.

Barbara Jean

PS On a real 'blue' note, someone i just visited is having a down blue time.
Pay her a visit if you get chance. Enjoy her lovely post, and say an encouraging word to her.
God Bless You for Caring.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Friday, June 26, 2009

A gift for you.

My friend Sandi, at Wayside Treasures posted

these lovely vintage postcards this morning,

and gave permission to use them.

So i am sending these on to you all,

with hugs and blessings.

Have a wonderful day.

Barbara Jean

Thursday, June 25, 2009


I caught a fleeting glance
of seasons i once knew,
to soar on wings of eagles
to sit and worship you.

They came so slow
and fleeted fast.
They did not stay,
they did not last.

Was it me? Or part of me?
Or someone I once knew?
For now she sits with empty eyes,
and longs to look at you.

This empty soul once danced and sang,
where has she gone now?
Is she hidden deep inside,
waiting for the magic hour?
When once again she'll see your face,
she'll glory in your power.
Listen, and you'll hear her weeping
in the midnight hour.

Sunday, June 21, 2009


and all who visit me:

I just want to tell you how much
I appreciate each and every
one of you who visit this blog.

If I have not been over to visit you yet,
I will get "ribbet" one of these days!!!

In the meant time,
here is a little sweetness for you.

Blessings on your day everyone.

Barbara Jean

Friday, June 19, 2009

Oh, A Giveaway!!!

Go see the great prizes at

my sweet savannah

Barbara Jean

Friday's Family Favorite Foto

Please join everyone at
Pictures, Posts, and Pens
for other family fotos.
Just a little outing.

I took 3 of my grand kids, and their
Daddy out for 99 cent yogurt a couple of days ago.

Isabel, 8, and i ordered white chocolate mouse.
Day ordered chocolate.

But the other two ordered Rainbow something or other.
Well, it just tasted like vanilla to me, but oooh the colors!!!

Ava soon had a blue mouth,

And Remy followed shortly after!
Blue mouth, tongue, hands, and shirt and pants.!

But we sure had fun!!

Happy Family Photo Friday!!


Barbara jean

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I've found another one.
(Gotta love those giveaways!!)

This one is over at

sweeties sketches

Go on over and she'll tell you all about it.

blessings and smiles,
Barbara Jean

Sunday, June 14, 2009


Look at this adorable postcard!

It was made by


Spun by Me

She is celebrating her birthday,
and flag, day,
and 300 posts!!!!

and beside this sweet treasure,
she has a basket of goodies for the prize.

Now I really want to win this,
so you can enter,
as long as you let me win!!! =0))

Lots of blessings,
Barbara Jean
My Giveaway!!

Be sure to go over to my Treasures from the Heart
blog to check out the giveaway!
Should be having a swinner soon.

While you are there,
check out the bird nest tutorial
I've posted for you.
Soon to come:
Mini bird nest tutorial!!

Blessings, and have a great week.
Barbara Jean

Friday, June 12, 2009

You donot want to miss this one!!!
A 100th post, $100 dollar giveaway!!

Go check it out.
at Saseaboutique

Good luck and blessings,

Barbara Jean

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

I received a gift this morning.

When I was out for my walk, I found a Dogwood flower
on the street.
It was faded, and looked like someone had stepped on it,
but something about it was beautiful to me.

Then I thought about how it must have felt.
How it had been so beautiful,
felt so much a part of the beauty around it.
Then, whatever had happened,
it had fallen from the tree.
It felt less, less than beautiful.
Who would notice it, laying there, fallen, stepped on?
Who would care about it, or tend to it?
It felt it had not only lost it's beauty,
it was now forgotten, useless and alone.

Well, when i saw that flower,
I saw something beautiful in it.
I saw how it could be used for something beautiful,
and it would be surround by beauty again.
It could continue on though it felt so alone,
unusable, and unwanted.
Yes, I saw it as a beautiful treasure,
to be surrounded by other beautiful things,
to be useful and loved and treasured still.

And that's how God sees us.
We may have fallen to the ground,
feeling we have lost our beauty,
and our usefulness.
We may feel like we have been stepped on by the world,
trampled and faded and useless.
But God sees how we really are.
He sees the beauty in us.
He sees how we can still be used
to add beauty to those around us.

So today, friends, if you are feeling sad,
useless, stepped on, forgotten and alone,
remember, God sees your beauty,
and He has a plan for you.

He's going to refresh you and bring life to you again.
He's going to use you to bring beauty
and pleasure to those around you,
and He's going to surround you with beauty again.

Blessings as you face today.
You are not alone.

Barbara Jean

Monday, June 8, 2009

A great Giveaway!!

tales from an oc cottage

has some great giveaway prizes to celebrate a birthday!!!

Go on over and check it out.

And don't forget to check out my new gift shop!!
Just opened today!

Barbara Jean


I've done it!!
I figured it out all by myself!
and here it is:

Treasures from the Heart Gift Shop

Go on over and check out the giveaway!!

Barbara Jean

Sunday, June 7, 2009


I promise to tell you about another great giveaway,
IF you promise to let me win!! =0))

Seriously, this place has some really cute things!!

So go on over to Tinkered Treasures

and check it out.

Barbara Jean

Saturday, June 6, 2009



1. Does anyone know how many pixels a banner
should be to go across the whole screen?
Or how to center it on my screen?

2. Anyone know if there is an easy way to change
my fave lists on my other blog to this one?

There will be more questions to come!

Why I'm asking:

My intent when i first started two blogs,
was that one would be a selling blog,
and the other more personal family news and pics,
and any insights the Lord gives me.

What happened was the i got so caught up in all
the fun in blogland with special days etc,
that i ended up putting the selling blog aside,
(I must say, not even missing it.) =)

Now I'm feeling it is time go back to what the original plan was
and start my selling blog. (maybe we'll call this a season for selling?)
I have no intent of stopping all the special days,
or tutorials, or crafting tips I share on my other blog.
They will just be on the this blog.

All this means figuring out how to change things on my blogs.
and that is where the questions will come in.
I admire a lot of the blogs of friends out there,
and know they have experienced all
the setting up, and probably the feelings, I do and will have.

This also means I am very nervous
about starting the selling blog.
It is hard to put yourself out there
and hope someone likes your treasures enough to buy them.

I will probably ease into this slowly,
(that's how nervous i am), by first just
posting a few things for sale, but not moving things around yet.
I may even just start by putting my treasures there on Saturday for awhile.
Like a once a week shopping event.
(Hmmm. Think I like that idea for awhile.)
Kind of test the waters?
Then transition a bit at a time.
Not so overwhelming for this gal! =)
And maybe we'll call it Saturday Shopping Spree!! ideas??

You know my mind is going crazy with all this,
and my stomach has butterflies in it.

So right up front I'm asking for help, insights,
and mostly prayer!!!

Thanks to all who have already been such a help and support to me
and to all who will join in and help through this new season.

Barbara Jean

Thursday, June 4, 2009

family favorite foto friday

family favorite foto friday
over at
pictures pots pens

Meet some of my family,
then go on over and meet some other nice people.

This is my daughter and two of my granddaughters.

Each year they do a tea for us "Moms"
for Mother's Day.
It is a special event we look forward to each year.

Ava, the 4 year old, made the place mats,
and Isabel, the 8 year old made the invitations (not pictured)
We got a bon bon in the little paper basket,
and a bag of our favorite chocolates,
and some bags of wildflowers to plant.
Each year Angie thinks of just some thoughtful little gifts for us.

She also, with the girls help, fixes us a lovely brunch.
This year it was strawberry shortcake,
and a cheese and cracker plate.

The girls always help serve and
make sure our tea cups are always full and our plates cleared when done.

Then each year there is entertainment.
This year it was a cute little singing skit performed by Mama and Isabel..

And here are the two lucky and blessed grandmas and 3
of our granddaughters.

Aren't they all wonderful??
We are so blessed to have them, and have 'in-laws'
that are such wonderful people.

blessings to you and your family.

Barbara Jean

Monday, June 1, 2009


Go on over to

shardon exclusives

for a lovely giveaway!!

Celebrating her 100th post and her birthday!!

Post Giveaway!!!!

Be sure to tell her i sent you!!

Barbara Jean

Smiles for you!

This would turn anyone's Blue Monday into smiles!!!

This is our granddaughter Rowan.
She is 5 1/2 months old.
My daughter emailed this with the label :
Rowan is a genius!!

Isn't this great?!!

Smiles and blessings,
Barbara Jean

Blue Monday

It's Blue Monday
and I have no blue in my post,
but I am blue inside.

Last week I showed a bird nest i found
in our back yard while weeding.
It was right on the ground next to a raspberry bush.
It had 4 eggs in it.

I pushed some weeds back up around it after i saw it,
but not good enough I guess.
Something found the nest.
Two of the eggs are gone,
another on the ground, and only 1 left in the nest.
I'm expecting the mother is long gone,
and we will not see any baby birdies like i had hoped.
I will keep watching it, but....

Go on over to Smiling Sally's for happier Blue Mondays.

Thanks Sally for hosting!!

Barbara Jean

PS For a smile, take a look at the newest post today!!