Wednesday, March 31, 2010

My Walk With God This Morning

my morning walk

I've been seeking direction about things in my life.
Asking God to confirm (for the third time!)
which direction I should go, with the store, blogging, creating.
Where He wants to use me.
Then I realized it is not direction I need
as much as knowing Him more.
Everything else will fall into place if I'm doing that.

With tears running down, and outstretched hand, I said,
"Lord, I just want to know you more. show me how to do that.

With the gentle touch of His hand on my shoulder He said,

"The more you share my love,
the more I fill you with me."

I'm holding that in my heart.

Then He said, "Keep your eyes lifted up,
and see all that I have for you today."


"I love you and I'm always with you."

May you be blessed with His presence this day.

barbara jean

Friday, March 26, 2010

Beauty for You

03 mar 1897

This is a wonderful free graphic from our friends at Green Paper.

And, she is having a giveaway!

I'm going to frame this picutre, and put a bird nest in one corner.
I'll show you when it is done.

Hope you all have a wonderful day.


barbara jean

Saturday, March 20, 2010

A Sweet Word For You

I love Psalm 139:17 & 18.

I make these jars as a reminder that God thinks of us
more than there are grains of sand.

Amazing isn't it?

I hope you day is filled with God's Blessings.

barbara jean

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

What is Beautiful to You?

I was visiting a new blog today,
and the question was asked,

"What is beautiful to you?"

In my thinking of what that answer would be,
I realized there were way too many things I thought of as beautiful.
It put me in such a grateful state of mind thinking of that.

Here is part of what I wrote:

A walk by a stream with my Lord.

The laughter of my grandchildren and
their excitement when they see us coming.

My husband's smile and warm welcome when I come home.

A starry night. A deep breath, and a sigh of quiet contentment.

A hand reaching out for help.

I guess you might say they caught me in a poetic mood.

But in thinking of those things,
it quieted my sole, and set my mind at rest.
It brought about a peacefulness in my being.

We do surely have so much beauty surrounding us,
if we only take the time to look.

What is beautiful to you?

God Bless You as You Follow After Him.

Barbara Jean

Friday, March 12, 2010

A Jesus Moment

Divinely Appointed

The other day at the thrift store,
I had opportunity to give clothes and food to someone,
who was down and out.
A young man who had been living in the woods for 10 days.

I have been having a hard time connecting with the Lord for awhile.
You know, knowing He is there, and feeling connected.
Two different things.
But this helped.
An opportunity to give, and love as Jesus would.
Then realizing after, that I was actually giving
to Him and for when I did it.

That is what I told the young man as I bought him a pair of socks,
and gave him money for lunch.
That's what Jesus would do if he was here,
so I was doing it for Jesus.

He believed Jesus was a man,
not his savior.

I asked his name.
I said to him,
I will pray that you will know Jesus as your personal savior,
and that some day I will see you and your bike in Heaven.
(I know, not quite scriptural, but it was the thought.)

I gave him a hug as we parted.

That's all.
No long testimony,
No, these are the steps you should take,
just a simple encounter sharing the love of Jesus.

I know I was blessed even more than Joshua that day.
I saw what is really important in this life.
Sharing the love of Jesus with another.

Joshua is in my prayers now.
Maybe I will see him in Heaven.

May you have a Jesus Moment in your life today,
and share His love with another.


barbara jean