Friday, August 23, 2013

Walk on beach

Last year at the Beach:

Scott, "Take my hand."

 I did not ask where we were going or what we were doing.
I just took it and let him lead.
 (In previous years I would have asked 'why', or 'where' are we going?)
But I was learning to trust.

Carefully he guided me over jagged rocks, then a couple of feet onto  the beach.
Scott, "now we can say we walked on the beach".
It was a simple thing.

When I thought back about that, and realized how much that is like our walk with God.
He stretches out His hand to us.

We start out unsure, not fully trusting maybe.....
Wanting to know the 'why' and the 'where', or for 'how' long.

He wants us to take his hand, trust Him, let Him lead us.
Maybe it is just a few steps over jagged terrain,
 or maybe a longer walk and more difficult journey.
No questions, just taking his hand and trusting him.

We do not learn that over night, and He understands that.

So, where are you today?
Is He reaching out?
Are you asking "Why"?
Or "Where"?
or "How long"?

Or will we simply take His hand,
and trust that He will lead us in a safe path.
He promises to never leave us or forsake us,
and He promises to take care of His children.

Thank you Lord.

Be Blessed everyone

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Getting Motivated or (How to get on your little red trike and get somewhere.)


   Hey, anyone out there feel stuck? So many projects you do not know where to start, feel overwhelmed, and you just cannot get motivated to do anything?? Sometimes even just go take a nap, then get up feeling the same way again?

   That is what my friend posted on FB earlier this evening, so, seeing that I have that same problem myself, I 'challenged' her to go get one of those things done in a half hour. I would go do the same, then we would meet back here to tell what we got done.

    Well, what a great idea that was. (Must have been the Lord. =)
We both worked 1/2 hour, then met on FB to tell, and we got so much done.
So, we did it for the next half hour! And again, got so much done.

(I think part of why this worked, is you do not have time to see all there is to do, you just choose one and go for it.) 
I also noticed that I keep up that energy and work for awhile after we stopped 'checking' on each other.

   So, find someone to be accountable to, set a time limit, then come back and share.
And feel free to share this idea too. It works!!

(if you do not have anyone to be a partner with you, you can leave a comment here any time to let me know what you got done. So excited to hear from you all.)

Thanks Lord!!!

Blessings all,

 PS I told my friend, next time she feels unmotivated just set the timer, work one half hour on anything! Then come let me know what she got done. =)

PSS would love to hear any adaptations of this that works for you, too. =)

OK. Someone said tell what I got done. Here it is.
In 1 hour I...
spray painted two frames and a little metal chair
started laundry
cleaned bird feeder
put some stuff away
picked up boards from driveway
cleaned 2 pieces to be painted
got bank deposit ready, and added names to my business email list. 

Monday, April 22, 2013

A Page From My Journal

 A page from my journal:

"OK Lord. Today is Friday, Dec 21, 2012.
Help me to trust you for my needs today, 
1 minute, 1 hour, 1 step at a time.

Help me to remember, You Are my peace, my protector, 
my provider; you are my answer when I call for help, 
you are my guide, my deliverer, my help, my God and my King.

You have a plan for me, for today.. 
Help me not to think about tomorrow, or even my next step today,
 knowing you will guide me through it.
You will give me enough love, your love, enough strength,
 your strength,  for today, for my next step.

Help me be mindful of that, with each step I take.
Help me be mindful of You, with each step I take."

Be blessed my friends.
Taking one step at a time with Him.


Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Resting in Him

Oh Boy do I need this today.

Blessings fellow bloggers.
Peace and His rest to you this day.

barbara jean

Monday, April 1, 2013

slow or fast pace?


slow pace or fast pace.

I've been noticing different families lately.
Observing the pace at which they do things.
And, of course, it has got me pondering life again.

Some families are rushing from one activity to another. 
Always pushing their kids to go faster, get ready, hurry up, 
get out the door, we'll be late. Cramming so much into a day everyone is
 too tired to be civil when they do stop.
Or the TV is on, or computer, or games....
no need to interact, just fill our time with activity,
 and our brains with noise.

Then I've noticed this new friend. She is very laid back. 
Made me notice how her child was.
Pretty laid back. Kind of just enjoying a slower pace of life. 
Taking time to 'be still', enjoy nature, enjoy people, hear God.
 No TV blasting, no texting, no computer going for hours.

Made me wonder what we are teaching our kids??
Are we starting them out in life not taking the time to
 enjoy things, but to just rush from one activity to another? 
Do they even know how to be still? Or do quiet things? Or hear God?
Or have they inadvertently  taught them to ignore the very one who created them?
 The one who longs to have relationship with them?

I'm not saying you have to get rid of your TV,
your computer, your phone,
just try moderation, and try teaching your kids moderation.

So, just ponder a moment, when is the last time you were still, 
or you encouraged your children to be still?
Try it....then remember what it was like, and teach it to your children.

"Be still and know that I am God".
Enjoy the beauty of His creation.
Enjoy the sound of the Wind,
the singing of the birds.
Stop and smell the roses.

Thanks for stopping by.

be blessed


Sunday, March 31, 2013

Christ is Risen

Christ our Lord is risen today!!
Hallelujah!! What a savior.

Blessings all as you clelbrate the new life we have in Christ,
because of His sacrifice for us.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Thank You Lord

Thank you Lord, for all the beauty you surround us with.

Help us pause and enjoy it.
Help us slow down, and listen for your voice.

Blessings everyone.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Lord????? Here I am....

 Lord, some times I just do not know what to say to you.

Maybe I am tired......or cannot quite figure out just how I am feeling.....
or feel a little stunned by life....  like a little birdy just learning to fly,
and not making it on my first effort.

Maybe I am puzzled about how to even go about it all...
this walking with You,
this soul searching, this walking day by day.
I'm not sure just what it is....

Maybe it is the sad of life around me.....
people I know, and don't know, suffering through things.

So, I'm quiet.   I think of You, and what your Word says.

I know you are here with me.....
I know you have a plan for me....
You chose me......

You created me,
You know me better than I know myself.

You have created in my heart and empty place,
that can only be filled with You.

Lord, thank you, that even on the days I feel like
I cannot fly, you are here. Your hand feeds me, You love me,
You wait for me.......

I will be nourished, by your word and your love.
And tomorrow, I will try to fly again.

One day at a time.

Thank you sweet Jesus.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Update For You- Newness of Life

Newness of Life.
Yes, that is what Christ gives us.....

We muddle along, doing the best we can.

We wait, try to rest, call upon His name....
each day may seem the same as the day before, for awhile.

Sometimes He sends someone to help point the way,
or to say an extra prayer for us.....
He is so good that way.

Friends prayers, encouragement and support, 
and most of all quiet time with God,
have brought back my smiles.

I am hopeful.
I believe God has a plan for me.
I know He is with me...
And, as one sweet friend said it, 
"God has a plan for me, and I am smack dab in the middle of it".

Have you ever thought about that?
No matter where we are, 
we are "smack dab" in the middle of God's plan.

I find great comfort in that,
knowing God will use whatever happens in my life,
even lostness, loneliness, and grief, to
make me into who He wants me to be.

Be blessed sweet friends, and know you are not alone.
He is right there with you.

Taking one step at a time.


Wednesday, January 16, 2013

In the waiting room

yep. in the waiting room.
hard place to be.
things change....and we have to figure our whether to persevere through it, or put it aside.

My store, which I have had for almost 5 years, and have loved so much,
 has had some very abrupt changes.
Or, maybe it is me who has changed....or needs to change.....

So, I am sucked out of me....lots of tears,
 lots of trying to trust the One who loves me and has a plan for me.

and, in the midst of it all, I am right where I am supposed to be.

loving all of you...