Monday, October 31, 2011

Vacation Pics

We just got home from a wonderful weeks vacation in sunny California.
The area is called Point Arena and it is about 140 miles north of San Francisco.
I was going to tell you the above picture was our cabin,
but I knew you would not believe me....
So, here is the outside of our real little cabin.

And here is the row of the other 43 just like it!
 Our little kitchen.
 and living room. A total of 350 sq. feet.
Just right for two people who after 42 years have learned
to share quite well. =)

Here we are at breakfast.
 Miss frugal ( meaning me) tore the paper towels in quarters to use as napkins.
This is my sweet fella 'complaining' sweetly about it. 
"C'mon. Can't a guy even have a whole napkin around here?"
Sorry, hon, when you are frugal you are frugal, 
whether the paper goods were bought by us or someone else.
(I did relent, and gave him whole paper towels the rest of the time.
After all, my fella deserves the best!) =)

 Here are a few pics of the beautiful coastline.
In most of the area there were cliffs rather than beaches.
So relaxing to hear the waves hit the rocks.
We usually went for several walks a day.
 We did find a couple of areas where little beaches were accessible.

Tomorrow I'll show some pics of the gorgeous trees we saw, and
treasures we found..

Thanks for coming by.

barbara jean