Monday, December 29, 2014

Who are we praying for?

It is amazing to me, how we can get so caught up in ourselves, we forget how good we really have it.

Take me, for instance.
I had surgery about 6 weeks ago. Major surgery. And I have been laying around complaining about how I am not getting better fast enough.....tired of laying around, need to get back to the store. (I own my own shop. wonderful help, but they cannot help forever). I miss being around people, so much to do, and so on and so on.

Now, to think of others:
I am on FB, too much really....when I see a notice from a friend asking for prayer for a young man who has been in a serious accident, and is in critical condition in ICU, and needing surgery....but having to wait till they can do one thing in order to do the next.
The picture showed his car. Totaled, as in, I had a hard time figuring out which end was which. And this nice young man was pictured next to the picture of the car......
It does not sound good.

My whole point here is, that sure took my mind off my own little problems....
Now my prayers are not for myself to get better quicker, but for this young man, his parents, and sisters....

God thinks of us more than there are grains of sand, (Ps.139:17,18) and He has our overall best in mind in all His plans for us, and for those who love us, and love Him.

So, who and what are we praying for?  something we want? a 'thing'? better health for ourselves?
How about praying for those who are much worse off than we are. It is not hard to find them if we only look outside ourselves.

be blessed