Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Store

I keep posting bits and pieces about the store, and it occurred to me I haven't really ever told you the details. Well, this will be the brief version, as I haven't walked or finished devotions yet.

Treasures from the Heart opened May 1st this year, with much help from family and friends. It is the small gift shop I have always wanted to open, and now seemed the right season to do it.
(I love how when it is the right time everything just seems to come together). =0)

It is small, but filled with beautiful vintage, cottage garden, and hand-crafted gifts and decor.
We are open Thur.-Sat, 12-6. (Great hours huh?) There are a few reasons I chose those days and times. First of all, I like to say, "I have a life, and I have a store". I want to have time for the important things like family, friends and serving the Lord, (not to mention crafting and painting). Then, by opening at noon, I have time for garage sales Friday and Saturday mornings! That is where I get some of my "finds"for the shop, and have such fun meeting and visiting with new people. It also leaves me free when my husband retires (he's been talking about it for 2 years now) to go places on the 'not so busy days of the week'.

So, now you have the brief details, and I'll tell you more as we go.

Have a wonderful sunshine day. =0))

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