Wednesday, April 9, 2014



On my walk this morning, I passed a man who was going the opposite way.

"How you doing?" he asked quietly.
" Great" I said. "How about you?"
 (All this while walking quickly past him.)
"Oh", in a lowered voice he said, "I guess OK." 
and he slowed his pace even more.

In my rush to get home I gave him the thumbs up 
and "better than horrible."

did i just really say that?
how would i feel if i was just doing 'OK' and wishing someone cared?
what could i have said? 
'hope it gets better'?
'pray it gets better'?

"I'm late. I'm late. gotta get ready,
gotta get there.
I'm late I'm late. can't take time to care."

should i have paused, in my hurried world, 
and taken time to care?

"I'm late I'm late....."

get where? church?
for what?
to sing, to hug, to get fed?
 to hope someone cares more about me more than
  I cared about a hurting person I passed on my walk?

or should i have stopped and taken time to
care about his person, maybe a lost soul?

I think we all know the answer to that....
Not that there is anything wrong with all the hugging,
and being fed ourselves, but there are times when we need
to reach out to others too.
Maybe even those who are not in our building
 on Sunday mornings.....

I'm late. I'm late.
but gotta take time to care.

Be blessed everyone.

Jesus took time to care...