Saturday, January 24, 2015

A Poem, from long ago.

The Busyness of Life, or, Where Did God go?  Aug. 2005

Day begins, so much to do.
Make a list, maybe two.
Hurry, hurry our the door,
add to your list more and more.
Help me God, along life's way,
Bless me God, Bless my day.

I help, I serve, I work a lot.
Sometimes I'm thanked, sometimes not.
They ask for help once, then twice,
they think that I'm so very nice.
"We need you here, we need you there".
There's no more of me to spare!
Help me God, along life's way,
help me make it thru today.

I should spend time with friends, I know,
but my list of things just seems to grow.
Maybe next week, or maybe next month
I might have time to go to lunch.
Or maybe just a cup of tea,
whenever they catch up with me.
Help me God to get it straight,
Should I work, or keep the date?

My quiet time is gone these days.
Lists of things get in the way.
Pay the bills, dig the yard,
sometimes it is so very hard.
As for God, there is not time,
Maybe He could get in line.
Help me God, anyway...
Bless me God, Bless my day.

 Not enough time under the sun,
not enough strength to get it all done.
I lay down, and cry for rest,
God I've done my very best.
Am I approved? Did I stand the test?
Is it OK that I ask to be blessed?
Bless me God in my weariness.

"This was not a test at all my child,
I wanted to show you your life is to wild.
Too many sports, too much TV,
too may things put ahead of me.
So take a deep breath, put your list away.
Spend time with me, read, and pray.
I will bless you, I will guide your way,
I will bless you, I will Bless your day.

by Barbara Jean Simmons