Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Changes Continue

Last week when I wrote we were putting my Dad in a care facility.
I wrote about life's changes, and the choices we have to make as they change.


Monday my Dad went home to be with the Lord, and
he is now seeing this sunset from the other side of things.

   Alzheimer's had slowly taken his memory of  things, then of us,
and he was in a whole other world all his own.
Then his speech slowly declined, and he had some time ago
forgotten the words to the gospel songs he and my Mom
used to sing at care centers like the very one he was in.
He finally could not walk, or even know how to eat his food.
He became frail, and tired.

 I was with him for a couple of hours before my Mom came.
He was in that deep sleep he had been in before, but I
believe he heard all my words as 
  I told him how much I loved him. I sang to him,
(not nearly as on key as he could sing, but I know he liked it anyway) =).
I prayed over him, and told him he could go home whenever he was ready.

My Mom was there the last hour or so, and she prayed for him, loved him, and let him go.

Dad's breathing slowed....... till just one last breath, and he was gone.
He was with Jesus, and Dad and the angels were all singing together!!!

He was at peace, in the arms of His loving savior.

Mom and I comforted each other, as tears flowed.
We prayed,  and then left only the shell of a man in the room.
A shell that had housed a man who loved the Lord, and his family.

My Dad will live always in our hearts, till we see him again,
and we all sing praises together to the Lord who loves us so.

Lord, I pray for comfort and peace, not only for our friends and family,
but for the many who have lost loved ones. May they know your
comfort, support  and love.

Blessings in His name

barbara jean

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Things Change

Things Change....

This is a season of change for me.
Aging parents.....
Just putting my Dad in a care center.......the day before Thanksgiving.
The realization that he will not always be around, and with Alzheimer's has been leaving us for awhile already.
My heart is sad of late, and tears flow without warning.

Daughter and family moving out to the country....
Not a big change. They are still close......but my drop in visits do not occur often any more,
and I miss them.

A son who has moved to another country. Who is not here with family for Thanksgiving.
A granddaughter who is missing the dad who moved away and is feeling sad about change, too.

Changes, life is so full of changes.

In the midst of it all, realizing God never changes, He is forever the same, loving His children with a love we will never quite be able to grasp or fully comprehend.
And He uses the changes in our lives to change us, to draw us nearer to Him, to show a love and and peace that only He can give.

So yes, life changes. What will be my response??
Will I draw nearer to the God who loves me with an everlasting love???  Will I let that love touch my heart? Will I let Him change me? Will I be an example of His peace to those around me? Will I show the same grace to others as He has shown to me?? Will I use what I have learned to help others?

Lord, thank you for change. Thank you for using it help me grow.
I draw near to you, in this season of change.

Sweet blessings my friends, and His Love and peace in the midst of life's changes.

Barbara Jean

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

More Vacation Pics

 Huge hollowed out Redwood tree.
 It was really not very comfortable, but a great photo op.
 more of my gatherings
 This old guy watched over the entrance 
to the cabins where we stayed.
A very cool, old carved piece of driftwood. 
I think there is a dog laying at his feet, kind of behind him on left side.
 I know this looks sideways, but it is not. 
And it is not a  plastic mushroom as it might look.
 On one of our walks, this real mushroom was placed on this branch.
Someone had ofund it in the woods, I'm guessing,
and palced it three. Maybe to come back later and get it.
We have never seen anything like it.
Anyone know about it???
 This is an old water tower in one of the towns
I walked around while Scott played golf.
 And here are some really cool trees.
Scott said they are Cypress.
 He was showing me how these branches just grow up out of the ground,
or curve around and grow into the ground.
and we found lots of moss laden logs and trees.
I gathered lots for the sale in November at the store.

All for now. I think 1 more day of pics for you.
You will love what I will show you next time!!!!

barbara jean