Monday, August 3, 2009

Treasures from the Heart of God

The Other Side of the Road

When i walk each morning I've noticed I mostly look at just one
side of the road on a certain route I walk.

It has lots of interesting things on that side.
A pond, where I see this Egret every morning,
and one day even saw a raccoon washing up for breakfast.

Interesting old buildings...

and beautiful horses that come greet me when i come by.

But I realized this morning i just do not look
at the other side of the road much.
I guess you might say it is actually
"kind of boring".
Big fields, bales of hay, trees in the distance...
Just not much very interesting.
If God had something special for me, I would
totally miss it because i was not looking for it.

So today I looked.
I looked back down the road where i had just walked.
And this is what I saw....

This majestic, huge, old weeping willow tree!!
I have walked past this every day for 2 weeks and never saw it!!

I ventured back to it.....
And looked closely.....

and moved a few hanging branches.....

and this is what i saw.

It was like a little hideaway.
something special, put there just for me for that moment.
A quiet place all my own to ponder.

And it made me wonder....

Do I tend to only look at the interesting things in life?
The obvious? The beautiful?
without seeking out treasures the Lord
might have for me, hidden away,
looking as if nothing special were there at all?

Do I do that at Church, with people?
Only seek out the fun, and interesting people?
Or do i go out of my way to meet new people, who may be quiet,
and feel a bit out of place.
Do I take time to look on the inside to
see what treasure God has placed in them?
Or what need they may have?

In ministry and service, do i only do the fun
and exciting 'up front' jobs?
Or am i willing to serve quietly in the background,
where no on even notices?

And what about God's word?
Do I read it hoping to find some treasure?
Or do I read out of duty and routine?

So now, each morning, before I read, or walk, I ask
God what treasures he has for me that day.
And I'm grateful to the Lord,
that He would show me, through nature,
that i needed to work on this area of my life.

Blessings as you seek God's treasures in your life.

Barbara Jean

PS Thank you all for your kind words,
thoughts, and prayers.
It is only sitting that hurts, and I'm so grateful for that.

So, I am doing my posts in half hour 'sits',
and probably not as many as preciously.
Just too hard to give up seeing
all my friends here in this wonderful land.

blessings and smiles

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Caroline said...

Loved your post Barb very inspirational and left me with a lot to ponder. Thanks for stopping by my blog to visit.