Sunday, August 23, 2009

My morning walks with God

God is faithful.

I love how God brings something to mind.
Sometimes it's a new thought or idea,
or sometimes it is something you already knew,
but put aside for a bit. (forgot) =0)

And He teaches each of us in the way He knows will
be right for us.
Some take classes, learn Greek, study commentaries.

This is the way He teaches me.

I was memorizing a new verse.
You know, how some bit of a verse is in your mind,
but you do not know it all, or even where it is in the Word?
(I will rejoice over you with singing. is the part i had in my mind))

The verse is Zeph. 3:17
(where on earth is Zephaniah anyway???)

" The Lord your God is with you.
He is mighty to save.
He will take great delight in you.
He will quiet you with His love.
He will rejoice over you with singing."

First of all, I would read it, and personalize it.

My Lord, my God, is with me.
He is mighty to save, me!
He will take great delight in me!
He will quiet me with His love.
He will rejoice over me with singing.

Then, I would take each word,
and emphasize it, and think about it,
and pray for it in my life.

For instance, I would say:

My Lord- He is mine. It's a personal relationship.
It's only dependant on me. My choices.
Thank you Lord that you are my
Lord. Help me to chose you in every circumstance.

My Lord- Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
You chose to give up your life for me.
It is a love i cannot comprehend, but I'm so grateful for it.
You are, my Lord.
Help me to love like you do.

My God- The creator of the universe.
Sovereign, all powerful, Faithful...
( you fill in all the amazing characteristics of God).
Help me to remember your sovereignty,
and that I can trust you.

My Lord, my God, is with me.
He is, with me. You are with me! Right now!!!
Every moment of every day.
You never go away, never leave me.
Thank you Lord.

My Lord, my God is with me.
He is along side of. Always there.
You are with me, and I am never alone.
Please heal the loneliness i feel in my heart,
and help me take in all of you.

He is with me.
Just as I am. Me personally.
Thank you Lord.


So, you get the idea.
I go through the whole verse like that.

It really makes me stop and ponder
each word God is speaking to me.
It puts deeper meaning into my heart.

Blessings on your day as you study His word.

Barbara Jean


Lynne (lynnesgiftsfromtheheart) said...

What a beautiful walk with God this morning. I hope all is well with you and yours today..
hugs ~lynne~

atelier cote jardin said...

Un petit coucou de FRANCE
MERCId'etre passée chez moi

Susie from Bienvenue said...

Nothing better than a walk with God...I try to get away and be with him as often as a Mommy can get away with. Sweet post~