Wednesday, August 5, 2009

My Walks With God

I have walked for years for exercise.
You know, get those tennies on,
get out there.
Walk that two or three miles,
hot footing it all the way, then get on with your day.
This was my exercise.
No time to dilly dally.
Oh, I did talk to God,
but i was in too much of a hurry to listen.

Now this is what i look like when i walk.
Backpack, camera, note pad, Bible.

Jeans with holes and stains.

This is some of what i see while I'm out for my walks.

ponds and rivers,

beautiful flowers in unexpected places,

unique art surrounded by beauty.

And this is my log.
this is where i sit and ponder.
"Our" special place.

Some mornings, like this morning, I thought,
"I'm just going to walk this morning.
Just get my exercise in and get on with the day.
I have so many things and not enough time to do them all."

Then I thought,
"What if God has some treasure for me to see,
and I don't have my camera?
What if He has something special to say to me,
and i don't' have my note pad?"

Yes, I could still see them, and i might
remember them,
but for me, there is something about a picture,
or notes written down that keep them more fresh in my mind.
Or a bit of a reminder for later.

So, I sat down to write this,
to prepare, to calm myself,
so I can go out with an attitude of expectation,
waiting to see what my Lord has for me.

I want to slow down enough to
see and hear His treasures
for me this day.

Blessings as you 'stroll' with Him.

Barbara Jean


barbarasaintjacques said...

Barbara Jean,
With surroundings like you have, God surely abounds. How wonderful and what motivation to exercise daily! Bless you.

Chari at Happy To Design said...

Hi Barb...

What a fabulous "outlook", my friend! I loved what you said about walking and talking with the Lord...but taking the time to listen! We all know what it's like to hold a conversation with someone that does ALL the talking and never waits for our's pretty disappointing and all so "one sided"!!! I'm not always so good in the aspect of listening to the Lord...but I'm trying!!! He has so many special words for us...if we'll just be open...and listen!!!

Great post, my friend...and a timely reminder!!! Thank you!!!

Warmest wishes,

Shopgirl said...

The word Beautiful comes to mind. Then comes your way of telling your love for God within this walking adventure. Thank you for taking me along. Your, Mary

Lilla Blanka said...

Dear Barbara Jean,

Thank you so much for visiting my blog and for your kind words! *hug*

Your blog is lovely! I have read the most recent posts, and I will come back later to read some more. Right now I need to do some cleaning, we´ll have guests soon.

Have a wonderful day!

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Barb, what a great ritual to walk and talk with God and listen to his still small voice. take pics of his glory, you are a blessed woman. Thanks so much for stopping by and hope you have an awesome day!

Candy said...

Wonderful thoughts for this early morning. Read the last three and left my heart with a smile. So true about taking time to see His treasures. Thanks for sharing and caring ;-)

Lynne (lynnesgiftsfromtheheart) said...

What a beautiful post Barb, we should take the time to "listen".. many of us talk to God..but do we really listen. I'm quite fond of your spot..this was truly motivational.. hugs my friend..~lynne~

Unknown said...

Hi Barb I got your will really enjoy her blog.You have a great weekend and as always Fun Finds 2 U.. Chickie

Its So Very Cheri said...

beautiful pictures.

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Its So Very Cheri