Thursday, April 16, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Some of you may have read my earlier post today.

I have been so overwhelmed, frazzled, frustrated and, well, just so not myself the last couple of days.

I kept myself busy, had a nice tea this morning with a friend, worked at the shop. Another friend came in there to visit. It was an OK day, but the problems and frustrations were still there, and some added on!!! Like leaking water pipes at the shop!!
Did I somehow think the problems would disappear? They are part of life!!

I have just been catching up on my blog reading, when i came to a thankful Thursday post!!!

Oh No!! I've been so in my little 'unfortunate' world, I totally forgot. it was Thankful Thursday.

One of the nice things about Thankful Thursday, is that at least once a week, even if i don't do it any other day, I take time to write down what i am thankful for.
(I usually think about that most of the time).

So, before i go to bed, I am going to share what i am thankful for, even though i do not, at this time, feel thankful!

Thank you Lord, that your love for me never changes, no matter how i behave!!
Thank you, that the same way we want our children to be happy, and make good choices, you want that for me too.
Thank you that you are working all things in my life, toward what you know is best for me.
Thank you that you will use even this crumby couple of days to help others, and bring glory to yourself.
Thank you that you will never leave me or forsake me.

I do love you Lord. Help me to show it more, and turn (I mean RUN) to you whenever things start going amok!!.

Blessings, and God's peace to all of you my friends.

Barbara Jean

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