Sunday, April 5, 2009

Produtive, or Not?

I was at my daughters this afternoon.
Her husband is out of town, and so is mine.

After lunch, and putting the two little ones down for their naps, we took the two older ones to the back yard to enjoy the sunshine.

I got the girls bikes out and raved about their riding skills, , while Angie washed off the picnic table cover and two chairs. After a bit more puttering, we sat down to watch the girls play in the sprinkler. (it was almost 70 degrees, and we have to take advantage of these 'warm' Spring days.)

As we sat we talked about my blank shop walls (you've heard about those). =0)
We also talked about her plan for the back flower bed, and where to start on it and so forth.
And how did she like this bush or that bush they had put in.
I was so enjoying just sitting with her, and quietly talking, with little or no interruption.
It is a rare commodity these days.

Then as we were sitting, Angie made the comment about it not being a 'very productive day'.
She had hoped to get more done than just wash the table. We were both enjoying the 'sitting', but it was so unusual we almost did not know how to do that.

So, I've been pondering that a bit now.

I'm thinking, what makes sitting, enjoying a visit, watching our little ones play, and relaxing, a none productive day? Are we so busy 'doing' all the time, that we feel bad if we relax? Or do not even know how to relax any more?
I had not done that for so long, it took me a bit of just sitting there, doing nothing but relaxing.
(I easily got into the swing of it._ =0))

I think having a quiet visit with someone, calming our souls, spending time enjoying our little ones, is maybe one of the most productive things we can do.
I know i do not relax often enough. I always have some project whizzing through my mind, or busy with my hands.
I found the calmness and serenity of today, the most productive day i have had in a long time.
I feel relaxed, and refreshed.

So, all that to say, I hope you have had a non-productive day. One that has refreshed you and calmed your spirit.
If not, take a moment. Sit down (no handwork, just sit!).
Close your eyes. Think of a peaceful time or place. Breathe in deeply. Let yourself be refreshed!!

Blessings, and peaceful wishes for you,
Barbara Jean

PS So there is no misunderstanding. None of this was any bit a criticism about my daughter.
She has found great balance in her life of caring for a husband and 4 children, working part time, homeschooling, and making time for herself with friends.
I admire her greatly.


BarbaraJean said...

Barbara Jean.... I had a marvelous non-productive day with my sister/best friend. We went to church, rode the carosel at Riverfront Park, had a latte, talked our heads off, laughed a lot. It was great and yes, the sunshine felt so good. Thanks for sharing. BarbaraJean

Barbara Jean said...

Thanks for sharing that and good for you!
It sounds wonderful. =0))


Kathleen said...

I understand what your dau meant.
The first years I retired it was difficult for me not to accomplish all I had planned in a day..
Little by little I got used to the slower life style, and now I could never go back.
My dil and son have 4 little ones, and I wonder how she does all that she does. She never stops to sit...
That is a luxury of our age...
Sounds like a wonderful afternoon!
Thanks for the visit to my blog..please come was my first Blue Monday...
Your little gift shop sounds lovely! I think I would like something like that!