Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Walking Fast With Jesus???

On the last half of my walk this morning,
I suddenly noticed i was walking at a very fast pace.
Now, it is OK to walk at a fast pace,
after all, this is my quiet time with God, and my exercise for the day.

But I suddenly thought,
"If i were walking side by side with Jesus,
holding His hand,
would i be walking so fast?
Would i be racing along dragging Him behind me?"

Then I pictured, as i have many times before,
my little girl self, walking next to Him,
holding His hand.
I am usually about 8 years old,
with my red, curly hair,
wearing a white blouse, and a red and black plaid skirt,
with my skinny little legs with black
and white shoes, and little socks
rolled down 1 turn at the ankles.

I always see this picture from the back.
Jesus must be 10 feet tall in this picture,
but though my small self is holding his hand,
nothing is out of proportion.
No long arms, no having to stand on my tip toes to reach His hand,
no straining to hang on,
just a comfortable holding on and a quiet stroll along.

(If i could sketch, i would do that picture,
only in black and white, instead of color.
I don't know why.)

My pace slowed upon seeing that picture.

Then i pondered.

Can you even imagine that Jesus rushed or raced to get anywhere?
When you see Him in your minds eye,
do you see Him racing or rushing?
Flying helter skelter from one appointment to another?
Wishing someone would quit talking to Him so He could get to the next appointment?
Thinking of His own life, rather than theirs?

Or do you see Him, like I did in that moment,
with a certain calmness about Him.
An assurance that whatever the Father called
Him to do that day would get done.

A 'strolling' through life with a peace
that we have hard time grabbing on to?

So, as I pondered, my pace slowed,
and for a few moments, i walked quietly,
safe and peaceful, in His loving hands.

Lord, help me walk in the peace of Your presence today.
Help me to take time to listen, to care,
more about someone elses life than my own.


barbara jean


marie said...

This is just lovely!

Lynne (lynnesgiftsfromtheheart) said...

This is wonderful Barb. It was so nice of you to pop in. I'm having a blogoversary in 7 days and have quite the gift basket "almost" ready to go to the lucky winner..lol... hope you'll pop in and sign up when it's time...hope all is well with you .hugs ~lynne~

Leaon Mary said...

I love going on walks with you.

Summer Gypsy said...

Hi there,
Thanks for visiting my Pink Post today!! I love this post. It really spoke to me on a Saturday that I have a gazillion things to do. HE will see that what needs to be done gets done. You know, Barb, when I picture myself as a little girl with Jesus, I see my blonde tousled hair with my parochial school "memory" book of Bible verses. I'm blissfully holding that book and reciting so proudly!! Those verses remain in my heart as favorites! Thanks for sharing.

JJ said...

I loved reading that - it made me warm and tingly. Just wish I had your faith