Sunday, October 25, 2009


I am learning something when it comes to communicating with my fella.

When I'm talking to my fella, keep it short.

Here is the story:

I invited a friend to go to a sale with me, but had not heard back from her.
While out on my morning walk, and realizing it is a barn sale,
and there may be tons of stuff, and I might need help,
I called my sweet fella to see if he would go if my friend could not.

This was our conversation:
The usual hellos, then...

me "If Sally can't go to the sale with me, will you go?"
His response. "yes".
me "OK thanks"

Then our usual goodbyes, and back to my walk.

'that was short and sweet.'

My normal conversation would have been more like like this:

"Hon, I invited Sally to go to a garage sale with me, but i haven't heard back from her yet and I know you don't really like to go to garage sales, and maybe you have something else you want to do, but this is a barn sale, and it might be really big, and I might need help carrying some stuff, and I would really appreciate it if you would just think about going with me if i don't hear back from her and we wouldn't be gone along time and if you want to watch football or something we could arrange it around the game.
What do you think?"

Ever had that kind of conversation with your guy?
A continuous run-on sentence?
Probably with more information than needed.

Well, I have, many a time.
( although i will say this was a bit of an exaggeration) =0)

What I have learned now is that he quit listening after the first few words, and
had no clue what I was talking about by the time I got done.

So, short, and to the point, that's my point.

Give it a try.
Just ask the question.
Let him think about it.

Then, be sweet, no matter what the answer is.

barbara jean


Candy said...

What a hoot...but very wise advise.

Unknown said...

LOVE it!! Great advice there Barbara, I'm so guilty of the long sentence convo with my hubby!!
Thanks so much for entering the giveaway and for reading and following my ramblings!! please let me know if you post a link and I will pop another entry in the vintage tin( as opposed to hat ) for you!!!
take care
Annie x

The Rustic Victorian said...

So very true Barb,,,,something just clicks in their mind when unessary chatter begins, I try not to do it...thats why we women have each other. So did you find some treasures.?
Happy Week

blushing rose said...

... most of them don't hear after the first ten words, chuckle! Short, sweet & to the point is perfect! Cute post.

Have a warm, wonderful week. TTFN~ Marydon

dawnkristine said...

Almost every conversation with my hubby is like the 2nd one. I am going to take your lead and follow your wisdom...Just found your blog through My Vintage Studio, and I will be back for sure...lovely visit I've had!