Monday, October 26, 2009

Gifts That Money Can't Buy
by Pat Simmons
Dec.12, 1979

Love is a very important gift.
Some people can't have the gift of love.
Love is a very good gift.
I love people and people love me.
I love my mom and my Mom loves me.
I love my sister and she loves me.
I have a gift that money can't buy.
I have the gift of making friends.
My gift is handy because i make friends almost every place I go.
I like my gift. It is a very important gift.
It is a very very good gift.

I have a gift.
It is a very very important gift.
It is the gift I will never die.
I will never die because i have the gift of everlasting life.
It is the very very best gift you can have.

I give gifts too.
I like to be giving the gift of joy.
The gift of joy is a very very good gift.

He got an A! and Good job! on this paper.


Our son wrote this.
I am very proud of him.
Then, and now.

He is a kind and caring person.

He is not currently walking with the Lord.

That breaks a Mother's heart.

Please pray for him when you think of it.


barbara jean

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blushing rose said...

From the heart, that's what counts ... He will get his attention ...
TTFN ~ Marydon