Saturday, October 10, 2009

Prayer Please

My parents are on their way up from Arizona to live here.
My brother is driving the u haul up,
and Mom is driving their van.

Please pray for their safety for the trip,
and also that my Dad will not have any
'episodes' with his dementia on the way.

And even more, I would ask that they will
transition well here, and it will not be
overwhelming and confusing for my Dad.

(Dad does not do well in the gloomy Oregon weather,
and they will be living with my brother and his wife for awhile.
A very big change since they have been by themselves forever).

Thank you all so much.


barbara Jean


marie said...

I will keep them (and you) in my prayers.

Dragonlady said...

Lots of prayrs for their safety and for them to have lots of love and they will start to feel comfortable being there in no time..

SharDon Exclusives said...

Barb, my parents went through the same thing. Momma came to live with me and Daddy refused to leave Missouri, After a while they finally got back together. But that one year with my precious Momma was a huge blessing from the Lord!! I am so glad they got to you and I know that you were extremely concerned. I will now pray that the Lord will comfort them both in this move and you Father will settle in right away. It is such a difficult time when "we" become the parent. I will pray for your brother and all of your family...blessings to you during this time of adjustment.