Wednesday, September 23, 2009

My morning walks with God.

God speaks to me through signs.

Traffic signs.

We go for long walks in the morning.
On these walks God has opened my eyes to all the wonder of His creation.

Two months ago God started 'speaking' to me through, traffic signs.
OK, now don't pass me off as a nut case, but hear me out,
and see if He speaks to your heart.

(I will say I felt a bit overwhelmed by this 'assignment' to share.
I said, "Lord, it is all just too much to share, and it will be too long for a post.
How can I do it?"
His answer, "One step at a time."
So simple. =0)

So, here we go, the first step.

I would see a sign, like


My thoughts would be:

"Is there anything I am doing that I should stop doing?"

This was an opportunity for me to examine my heart,
my priorities, my direction.
Was I keeping God first in my life?
Do I need to stop one ministry to free myself for another
God has in mind?

Do I need to 'stop' and listen??
To Him, to others??

So you see, God used that sign to send a message to me.

Here is another example:
This kind of goes together with the stop sign.

Is the direction I am going a dead end?

I know God uses everything
in our lives to mold us into His image,
but is what I am doing the 'best' God has for me right now?
Is it something I am choosing on my own?

One more for today.


What speed am I going?
Am I running around all the time?
Hurry, hurry, hurry?
Am I going so fast I cannot hear His voice?
Read His Word?
Do my friends think I am too busy to sit with them?
Listen to them?
Spend time with them?

Am I going faster than my angels can fly?


So this is how God speaks to me through signs,
and I see His messages everywhere.

Blessings as you watch for His signs in your life.

barbara jean


Tiffany said...

This is great. The Lord speaks to me, too. Perhaps I should pay a little more attention to street signs, I'm sure he has a lot to say to me about these things as well.

Thanks for sharing and thank you for coming by.

Shopgirl said...

Great post, it sure made me think this morning about a few things.
Sometimes we seem to be going in all directions without a thought about slowing down and reading the signs. Hugs, Mary

Dragonlady said...

I really enjoyed this post Barb, thanks for sharing it....IT really makes me think also.....I have sorta been having a pity party for myself with all the medical things, but I realize there are so many others that have it way worse than me....I need to listen for his word more...

Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said...

I will be looking for His "signs" today in my life! Thanks for reminding me to look all around and hear God speaking to me!

Stay Cozy, Carrie

Candy said...

Nice post to STOP and ponder...I like the reminder to take it slow...25 is a good speed for life.
Glad you listened and took the time to share.
Thursday Blessings ;-)

Rosy Inspiration said...

Your sensitivity to what God wants to speak to you and do in your life is a blessing. I think being in tune with God is such a great position to take in our walk with Him.

Its So Very Cheri said...

Hey I am right there with you running all the time--with 4 kids and a hubby in school it is hard to slow down. But I do need to be still and listen to His calm still voice.

come by for my huge give-a-way

blushing rose said...

WOW! I love this Barbara Jean. What a way for Him to get our attention, even more. What a fantastic & brilliant write.

Do I follow you? LMK please as I don't see me ...

Have a beautiful relaxing day. TTFN ~Marydon

blushing rose said...

Hugs, Marydon

Leaon Mary said...

I'll be more on watch Barb!
One never knows what God will use to speak through; I couldn't agree more.

You've blessed me again. ;)