Friday, September 4, 2009

God Morning

Isn't this the most beautiful spider web you have ever seen?

a tiny prayer request:

I am having trouble with my right foot,
and needing to rest it right now.
no morning walks for a bit.

would like it better quick so i can enjoy
the brief time of good weather we have left..

thanks and blessings.

Barbara Jean

I will still be doing posts here as i have tons to share from precious walks.
blessings and smiles


Fifi Flowers said...

That is very unusual... and truly pretty!

Judy's Vintage Collections said...

Howdy Barb, It been awhile since I came by to see you...I too have had some feet problems this summer :( I will be a praying for you...Praise God mine are now better...I had a little reading and catching up on your blogs...I did update three of mine....I love the Raccoons....I don't have to go for a walk they come upon my porch at day and night looking for food and water...They are all in my woods...About two weeks ago I saw a cougar crossing my land..I was so amazed at watching it that I did not think to get my camera!
But the picture is stamped in my mind....I know I see so many critters but this big cat...makes me want to stay in the house...I think it was going for water because it was in the daytime...
I talked my Vet and he said they have been seeing them lately around my part of the woods. I do trust God's hand of protection upon me...You have a wonderful week! I will be checking back soon to see what you have posted.
Be safe in Jesus is my prayer..
From my heart in the heart of Texas
A Big Hug...

xinex said...

I hope your foot gets better, Barb. I just said a little prayer for you....Christine

Leaon Mary said...

Pretty pretty! Loved goin on your walk with you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!