Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Thanks for Prayer.

Thank you for your prayers about my foot.
I've been taking it easy for few days now, and it is much better.
(I'm sure some of your prayers must have been for wisdom and rest).

Now, a bit of a thought for you.

My morning walks with God

On our morning walks,
I would see many beautiful and wonderful things.
A majestic red barn, surrounded by trees.

A reinvented fence....

beautiful ponds....

and this...
my friend, the Egret.

Each morning, for 6 weeks, as I passed this pond,
there he was...
Standing stately, calmly, peacefully.
Never rushing about, just standing.

Then, one day, he was gone.

Questions, and thoughts:

How am I standing before the Lord?
Am I calm in His presence, like this Egret in the pond?
Or am I frantically rushing around, and getting no where.
Lord, help me to be like that Egret,
and just be still before you.

Second thought:

I missed that Egret.
I wondered what happened to it.
Where had it gone?
Was it OK?
But I really had no way to find out.

Then I thought:

What about our blog friends?
Have we noticed someone is gone?
Has not left you a note or a comment for awhile?
Wondered what happened to them?
But maybe did not take the time to find out?

It's summer.
Maye they are just not blogging as much.
Off on vacation, or busy.

But, it could be more.
It could be they are hurting.
Maybe had something happened that they cannot be here.

What can we do?
We can find out!!
Drop that person a note!
Leave a comment, even if they have not posted for awhile.
Maybe all they need to make their day,
is to know someone out here was thinking of them.

OK, now, who are you thinking of?
Who have you noticed has not come by?
Drop on by, and let them know they are missed.

Blessings on your day.

barbara jean


Grammy Staffy said...

Dear Barbara,
I saw a comment that you left on Joy's blog and I was drawn to your blog. I am so glad that I dropped by. What a warm feeling I get as I read your words. I can feel what a tender heart you have just by reading this one post.

How nice that you can walk in such a lovely area. I am glad that whatever was wrong with your foot is now better and you can enjoy your walks again. I used to walk every day....some Sundays I chose to even walk home from church which is 3 miles. It was funny because all sorts of my friends from church would stop and ask if I needed a ride home....perhaps they thought my family had left without me????....I think some had a hard time understanding that I just liked taking the time to walk and think about the things we had talked about in church that day. As soon as I got home there was meals to cook and family to care for...but my walk home was just my time for pondering and thanking the Lord for my many blessing.

Unfortunately, I tore the tendons in both feet. I was in a wheel chair for a while but I can walk fine now with the use of orthodics. However, my walking is limited and I miss it. I am happy for you that you can walk again.

Wow, I have rambled on far too long. I only meant to say hello. However, after reading your bio introduction, I feel like I know you....and would like to know you better. I hope that you have a blessed day and a great week.
Grammy Lura

Dragonlady said...

As usual Barbara, I enjoy reading your messages...I am happy that your foot is better and you are able to walk again...I love walking outside but its too hot to walk here right now, plus, I am trying to re-gain my strength from surgery and complications...I am doing the treadmill a little..
hugs and love to you sweet lady

Judy's Vintage Collections said...

Howdy dear Barbara, enjoy reading about your morning glad your foot is better...I wanted to tell you that late last night I was sitting on my back porch in my rocker...I do love sitting and giving thanks to God for all he has given me to look upon at my place the Lovely Big Tall Oaks and the moon that was shinning upon my place...and listening to the night sounds of the pond next hear the night birds...and seeing the Big Owl sitting on the fence...BUT last night as I was holding my Yorkie in my lap...I heard a funny sound next to me...I turn to look and climbing in the chair next to my rocker was a Raccoon....OH MY! it made me jump and laugh as I said hello form Yorkie barked and off it ran...but I said Hello from you...and laugh thinking you told me say that. They are like little bears always nosing around looking and climbing on everything...they can be so funny! night I woke up and heard something at my window...peeped out and three were on a small table looking at me...those critters were peeping in on me...cute with their little black masked....and by the way I too have a visit from a Egret so maybe your friend was here! They do love the pond next door...
Blessing upon you and your family,

Its So Very Cheri said...

My blog has just been growing like a crazy weed and I haven't been able to get by for as many visits. I miss all my blog friends.
Come for a visit and see both of my new parties for the week. They are up every week and I hope you will participate.

Its So Very Cheri

Lynne (lynnesgiftsfromtheheart) said...

Oh sweetie, what serene pictures. I love the one of the old barn. Makes a person just want to sit and reflect upon life. I'm sorry you hurt your foot. I'm glad you're improving enough to enjoy your walks once again. Hope the sun is shining on you today..
hugs ~lynne~

Lisa said...

Lovely! You are a great leader! THANKS!
Hugs, Lisa

The Rustic Victorian said...

Wonderful post Barb! There is nothing as wonderful as God's grand creations in nature, and you have been blessed to have a beautiful place to walk. Oregon is truly Gods Country. I am a bit prejudice of course, since it is my home. I am glad your mending, and can walk some again. I will pray for your healing.
I am reminded this morning of at least one person's blog, their world of pain that I must re-connect with. Thanks
Blessings to you and yours!

Michelle Hughes said...

Hi Barb!
I don't mind if you ask... I paid $65 for it. And later that day I saw another 10 gallon without the crown for $125 and a 8 gallon without a crown for $95. So I felt pretty good about my purchase. I had to have one with a crown though