Sunday, July 5, 2009

Sunday Favorites

Char, at Happy To Design

is the wonderful hostess for Sunday Favorites.

An opportunity to rest from creating a new post,

and post something special from past listings.

This was what i feel i am supposed to 're-share' today.

Thanks Char!!

Hurting People........ Hurt People.

They don't mean to. They are just hurting so bad it is hard to be nice to others, hard to see the good in people.
They have a choice when they are hurting, to either fall apart and let themselves cry and be vulnerable, or to become hard, cynical, and negative. They can choose to let people in, or keep people out. Healing, or continue hurting.
For some, it feels safer to keep up walls up, and protect themselves, rather than let anyone else know they are hurting. They may appear to have it all together, or may appear to be stand-offish, or snobby, but inside they are lonely, hurting people.

For others, who are able to let themselves be vulnerable, and share their hurts, there is love, understanding, support, and healing. There is growth. They are able to take what they learn and help others when they are hurting. They are more sensitive to others, because they have felt the pain themselves.

This is something to consider the next time you are hurt. Did the other person really mean to hurt you? Or were they just in their own pain and could not see the love and good around them.

And, how about next time you are hurting? Will you put up walls to protect yourself? Or will you let people in who will love and support you? It is your choice.

Blessings on your day, whatever it brings.
Barbara Jean


Cass @ That Old House said...

It is very true that "hurting people" often hurt others in turn. It helps to know that. I think we all have hurts in our lives -- it's how we deal with them and cope that makes such a difference to us.

Thanks for a thought-provoking post...

Barbara Jean said...

So true..
We all have hurts, and how we deal with them helps us grow, or not.

thanks for coming by.

Barbara Jean

SharDon Exclusives said...

I am an over sensitive person and get my feelings hurt quite easily when I feel someone is being rude or mean. I have just today been praying about this exact subject and I felt that the Lord was telling me that I should not "read" so much into peoples actions that I need to show HIS love back toward them because they too may be hurting. Your words were a confirmation to me that I need to pray more for others and be less touchy. Thanks for your words...sharon

SharDon Exclusives said...

Barb, I got the tutorial of the bird nests from ( )
Thank you for asking. She has a detailed tutorial back a couple of weeks ago. Check it out! Also I removed the lettering from the graphic piece through photoshops stamp program. It is like a cut & paste process. Then I just added my own text. Hope that helps. Otherwise, email me at Have a GREAT week!

Chari at Happy To Design said...

Hello Barb...

So happy to have you join in with Sunday Favorites this week...this was a great post to reshare! There are so mnay hurting people...I truly believe that the Lord allows us to go through hard times...hurtful that somewhere along Life's Path, we can reach out a helping hand to those who are hurting! It's certainly true that no one is exempt...and you are absolutely right about it's all in the way that we handle those hurts that make us what we are! Thanks so much for sharing this post with us once again...some great "food for thought", my friend!!!

Hmmm...I know that I joined your blog as a follower. I don't know what happened??? Easily remedied...I will just join again! Thanks for pointing that out to me!

Have a great week, my friend!

Room Service ~ Decorating 101 said...

So very true... but I do believe you can choose to be hurt or not...thanks for leaving such a sweet note on my blog.

Melissa said...


Thanks for stopping by bloggin' it. I did paint right on the glass and on the opposite side you can use marker. I use a dry erase marker, but I still use windex to clean it off.

Happy painting,