Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Thought for Today

Blog Land Lifeline

Do you realize that blog land is more than
a place to show your latest craft?
Or give a tutorial on how to do something?
Or how you have fixed your house up?
Or show your family photos
and tell about your great vacations?

Those are all good and fun things,
and I'm glad blog land is full of those things.

But there is another side to Blog land.

Blog land is a life line for some.

It may be their only connection with the outside world.
They may not physically be able to get out.
Or even emotionally handle the stresses in the outside world.
It may be the only place they feel safe.
The only place they can be themselves and feel accepted.
Or it may be the only place they get any
positive feedback in their lives.

Blog land is a haven for some.
A place of refuge in a cruel and unforgiving world.
A place they can ask for and receive prayer and support,
when maybe those around them expect them to be perfect,
or do not understand how they are feeling.

It is a place where we can share our greatest joys, and deepest sorrows.

We all love (including me) the crafty, fun pages written here in blog land,
but lets not forget those who are here for much more.
Let's give them a piece of ouselves,
our understanding, and our love.

Let's continue to make this the wonderful land that it is.

Barbara jean


Anonymous said...

Barbara Jean I experienced this first hand when I was bit by a rattlesnake June 27. I am still house bound and the friends in blog land have been heaven sent!


Sandi said...

So true Barb!! I treasure the prayers by my friends in blogland! It is definitely a lifeline for many!
(PS Trying this again as the first time it did not post)