Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Well, with a lot of perseverance, and a lot of help from my new 'on-line' friends, I have a banner on my blogs!!

I know it's not one of life's more important endeavors, but certainly something I have been working on a lot lately.

It is so exciting, and such a feeling of accomplishment. I kept at it. I continued on. That's what perseverance is, to keep going even when it is frustrating, confusing,
and we can't figure the whole thing out. I was 'steadfast' in purpose, in spite of difficulty or opposition.

Sounds pretty deep for just putting a banner on my blog. But as usual, God has used it to help me grow. It is such a feeling of accomplishment to work at something new, and learn it. Certainly worth the struggle in the midst of it. Then we move on to the next new thing and work on it.

And that's the way our walk with the Lord is. We struggle through something, learn it (whether it be a computer program, or a life lesson) then move on to the next experience.

He can use all these little, every day, seemingly unimportant things in our lives, to help us grow. We become closer, and more like Him, and it prepares us more for the hard times.

So, here's to more challenges, and more life's lessons!

God's Blessings as you grow in Him.

PS: To Mary at Isabellascloset- Thank you for the beautiful banner, and all your help to get it on my site. You're the best!!


Facklers said...

Looks great! Really dresses up your blog. Don't suppose you can instruct me on how to put a banner on my school blog? Love you, R

Barbara Jean said...

Hey! Thanks for chekcing out the new banner.
I will email you the instructions that were given to me.