Sunday, September 7, 2008

Helping People Help You

I'm in the middle of a project right now that is somewhat frustrating, but I am also learning from it. (as should always be the case). =0)

I am trying to get new business cards made.
Now, for those who are computer skilled, and make decisions easily, this would probably be no hard task, but for me, well, I need lots of help.

I had somewhat drug my feet on this, as I was trying to get my blog changes made and still trying to get that kitchen/ girly pink area done at the store, but the 1/2 off business card sale at Office Max has put me headlong into it.
I knew about what I wanted to say on them, and some fonts I like, and that I want it soft and romantic sort of rosy Victorian looking, but deciding exactly on any of those things is the challenge. (there's that perfectionism again.)

So, I went to office Max an hour before it closed last night, and happened to catch a young man working there who was not very busy, (not many customers that time of night) and he was willing to help me. I showed him kind of what I wanted, and we sat down at the computer together to try to figure out the details.

Although this can be a very frustrating and confusing thing for me, I was determined to be pleasant no matter how it was going. And, having the peace of the Lord helps incredibly.
We plugged away for 20 minutes, then 30, and 45. It was getting close to closing time, and he was still patiently siting there with me, with a few interruptions by other people needing things. I sat patiently and waited till he was done and got back to me. There was that marvelous peace again. I was so grateful for his time and pleasant manner in helping me.

I overheard him make a call to his girlfriend a few minutes till 8 (closing time), that he would be a little late as he had not even started to close up yet. I felt so bad, and told him how grateful I was for all his time and help and patience, and that we could stop so he could close up and not be late getting out of there. He was so nice!!! He said it was OK, he would stay and finish, and that he was grateful for how nice I had been, and patient when he needed to help others. He said usually people are very impatient, and think they are the only ones there that need help, and don't like waiting for it. We were thanking each other for being so helpful and nice.

Sooo, I'm sure you have already figured out how I came up with the title of this blog:
"Helping people help you".

Our good attitude, and pleasant manner, with some patience, and a kind word thrown in, can do wonders for everyones day.

Thank you Lord, for the peace and patience only you can give, and thank you for James, the kind and knowledgeable Office Max employee who went the extra mile.
And thank you Angie, Sue, and Pam, for your patience and help on all these projects.

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