Monday, September 21, 2015

Pondering Life

Just thinking:

We know several people, relatives, friends, acquaintances, who are either seriously ill, or have had family members pass away lately. My heart aches for them.
And it is making me ponder our life, Scott and I. We work, a lot. Yes, my work is also my fun, and I love what I get to do. But I am aware, that any of the illnesses or heartaches that have fallen on others, could happen to us, at any given moment. And of course, God is in control of all of that.

But it makes me wonder if we will be part of the huge percentage of people who will be sorry they did not take more time off, go on more trips, walk by more rivers, spend more time with friends.

And, in pondering this, we may need to make some changes.
Life is precious. Do not take it for granted.
Say I love you, TODAY. Give the extra hug to someone who needs it. Relax and have a little fun. Live each day to the fullest!!

That's all. As I said, just pondering.....Be blessed everyone.

Friday, March 27, 2015

Weird, Warm and Wonderful.

 Have you ever had something so wonderful, but unusual happen, that later on, even the thought of it brings back the warm fuzzies of it all?
That happened to me last week.

A friend that I had not seen for some time came in to see me at the store.
We greeted each other with a hug. (a pretty normal thing at my shop.)
As we embraced, a warmth and peace came over me, from the top of my head, down to the bottom of my feet. I could even 'see' with my minds eye, a thin cloud surrounding me, going down over my body, and settling peace into my spirit. I did not even want to let go, it was so wonderful!

I stepped back. slowly, trying to keep hold of that peacefulness, and could barely speak the words, "that was, really, weird, and...wonderful." Then I tried in my feeble way to describe what I had just experienced.
A brief 'event' that went beyond words. But she understood.
So, here I am again, trying to explain this to you, and there are just no words, but the 'feeling' is restored as I speak of it here.

My friend and I proceeded to sit down and visit for awhile. (and this having been a very busy day at the store, I felt God gave us this wonderful time between customers.)
My friend told me how in the last few months she had such a hunger for God, knowing Him, knowing His word, spending quiet time with Him. She could not wait each day till after work to get home and read, and learn more about Him, and take more of Him 'in'.
It had changed her life. She was filled with so much love, and peace, it somehow washed over me in our hug.

Our time together visiting was so uplifting and encouraging, I cherish that we had it.

And it changed me. I wanted 'it', whatever 'it'
I spend time with the Lord, I love Him, and am blessed He walks with me each day. And I have love to give, but this, this was different, and I wanted it. I wanted to share it with others. I wanted them to feel that peace I felt, from head to toe. It takes my breath away to even talk about it now.
And I wonder now if she could feel the 'peace' flow out of her, as Jesus felt when the woman with the 'issue' touched Him and His healing power went out to her.

Now, since  you have read this, I will tell you, if someone shared this with me, I would probably be 'skeptical', or draw a blank as to what on earth they were talking about, but the reason I am sharing is for those who will take it to heart, and use it to help them grow, like I want to grow.

God has this gift of His peace for all of us. And He has enough to fill us to overflowing, so that we may give it out to others.

This is my prayer, for myself, and all of you who desire this extraordinary peace and love Jesus has for us to share:

Lord, I am so grateful for this 'experience' that showed me for a few moments the intensity of the peace you have for us. I pray that my desire for you might grow, and that I might be so filled with your loving and peaceful spirit that it may overflow into the lives of those you send my way.
As I sit here, I am breathing in more of your spirit and promises in my life, and I know you will honor this prayer, as it is what you want for all of us.
Living for Jesus, and in His Holy and Powerful name.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Dancing....why am I not dancing?

My Mom and I were driving thru the small town she lives in, and saw a man crossing the street, and he was dancing, and smiling and waving his hands.

Two ladies were crossing the walk going the other direction, and well, 'avoided' him, and looked at him like he was crazy.

When he waved at us, I smiled and waved back. It was fun, and I was actually jealous that he could walk around dancing and singing and waving his arms.

My Mom said he is around town all the time doing that, and that she was told he is harmless.

I longed for the day that I used to dance, even in my own home. I would turn on my praise music, and actually dance around, and sing, and sort of 'exercise'. I loved it. It was so free. I was free.

What happened to those days? What happened to singing and dancing before the Lord?
Has life gotten so busy, so filled with business and other things, that I do not 'feel' happy enough to dance any more? How do I get that back?

I am bipolar, but have been stable for a long big ups, no big downs.
Each morning when I wake up, I CHOOSE to smile, and great the Lord, and give him my day.
Do I usually 'feel' like smiling? No. It is  a choice I make.
And I choose to get up, get dressed, go for my morning walk, and sing.
Yes, I sing. Not because I feel like it, but because it is a good thing to do.
I sing praises to my God.

When I get home, I read devotions, and pray...well, sometimes I just get busy with my day and do not really' pray' but God is on my heart all day long, and as people come to mind, I lift them up to Him.

Sometimes, on my sort of average days, I wonder if it was better when I was really down for a season.
I know after that there was a high was more exciting, more visit, I laughed, and sang and danced.
But I remember those down times too clearly. It was not worth it. seems like it was forever I would be down, and only a short time I would be up.

So, I'm choosing to live a contented life. I 'choose' to smile, I choose to sing. Am I dancing yet? not quite.
But it will come. It WILL come.

What will your choice be today? Will you make choices that will help your day be better? Or will you let yourself stay down, stay secluded, stay.....unreachable. Those walls will have to come down eventually.
Why not today? God has given you this day. It is a gift from Him. Make it the best day you can.

And if you cannot make it better for yourself, make it better for someone else. Do something kind. It will help you quit thinking about your own sorrow, and you will bless someone else.

Be blessed everyone.
Hope you did not mind me thinking out loud here.


Saturday, January 24, 2015

A Poem, from long ago.

The Busyness of Life, or, Where Did God go?  Aug. 2005

Day begins, so much to do.
Make a list, maybe two.
Hurry, hurry our the door,
add to your list more and more.
Help me God, along life's way,
Bless me God, Bless my day.

I help, I serve, I work a lot.
Sometimes I'm thanked, sometimes not.
They ask for help once, then twice,
they think that I'm so very nice.
"We need you here, we need you there".
There's no more of me to spare!
Help me God, along life's way,
help me make it thru today.

I should spend time with friends, I know,
but my list of things just seems to grow.
Maybe next week, or maybe next month
I might have time to go to lunch.
Or maybe just a cup of tea,
whenever they catch up with me.
Help me God to get it straight,
Should I work, or keep the date?

My quiet time is gone these days.
Lists of things get in the way.
Pay the bills, dig the yard,
sometimes it is so very hard.
As for God, there is not time,
Maybe He could get in line.
Help me God, anyway...
Bless me God, Bless my day.

 Not enough time under the sun,
not enough strength to get it all done.
I lay down, and cry for rest,
God I've done my very best.
Am I approved? Did I stand the test?
Is it OK that I ask to be blessed?
Bless me God in my weariness.

"This was not a test at all my child,
I wanted to show you your life is to wild.
Too many sports, too much TV,
too may things put ahead of me.
So take a deep breath, put your list away.
Spend time with me, read, and pray.
I will bless you, I will guide your way,
I will bless you, I will Bless your day.

by Barbara Jean Simmons

Monday, December 29, 2014

Who are we praying for?

It is amazing to me, how we can get so caught up in ourselves, we forget how good we really have it.

Take me, for instance.
I had surgery about 6 weeks ago. Major surgery. And I have been laying around complaining about how I am not getting better fast enough.....tired of laying around, need to get back to the store. (I own my own shop. wonderful help, but they cannot help forever). I miss being around people, so much to do, and so on and so on.

Now, to think of others:
I am on FB, too much really....when I see a notice from a friend asking for prayer for a young man who has been in a serious accident, and is in critical condition in ICU, and needing surgery....but having to wait till they can do one thing in order to do the next.
The picture showed his car. Totaled, as in, I had a hard time figuring out which end was which. And this nice young man was pictured next to the picture of the car......
It does not sound good.

My whole point here is, that sure took my mind off my own little problems....
Now my prayers are not for myself to get better quicker, but for this young man, his parents, and sisters....

God thinks of us more than there are grains of sand, (Ps.139:17,18) and He has our overall best in mind in all His plans for us, and for those who love us, and love Him.

So, who and what are we praying for?  something we want? a 'thing'? better health for ourselves?
How about praying for those who are much worse off than we are. It is not hard to find them if we only look outside ourselves.

be blessed

Wednesday, April 9, 2014



On my walk this morning, I passed a man who was going the opposite way.

"How you doing?" he asked quietly.
" Great" I said. "How about you?"
 (All this while walking quickly past him.)
"Oh", in a lowered voice he said, "I guess OK." 
and he slowed his pace even more.

In my rush to get home I gave him the thumbs up 
and "better than horrible."

did i just really say that?
how would i feel if i was just doing 'OK' and wishing someone cared?
what could i have said? 
'hope it gets better'?
'pray it gets better'?

"I'm late. I'm late. gotta get ready,
gotta get there.
I'm late I'm late. can't take time to care."

should i have paused, in my hurried world, 
and taken time to care?

"I'm late I'm late....."

get where? church?
for what?
to sing, to hug, to get fed?
 to hope someone cares more about me more than
  I cared about a hurting person I passed on my walk?

or should i have stopped and taken time to
care about his person, maybe a lost soul?

I think we all know the answer to that....
Not that there is anything wrong with all the hugging,
and being fed ourselves, but there are times when we need
to reach out to others too.
Maybe even those who are not in our building
 on Sunday mornings.....

I'm late. I'm late.
but gotta take time to care.

Be blessed everyone.

Jesus took time to care...

Friday, August 23, 2013

Walk on beach

Last year at the Beach:

Scott, "Take my hand."

 I did not ask where we were going or what we were doing.
I just took it and let him lead.
 (In previous years I would have asked 'why', or 'where' are we going?)
But I was learning to trust.

Carefully he guided me over jagged rocks, then a couple of feet onto  the beach.
Scott, "now we can say we walked on the beach".
It was a simple thing.

When I thought back about that, and realized how much that is like our walk with God.
He stretches out His hand to us.

We start out unsure, not fully trusting maybe.....
Wanting to know the 'why' and the 'where', or for 'how' long.

He wants us to take his hand, trust Him, let Him lead us.
Maybe it is just a few steps over jagged terrain,
 or maybe a longer walk and more difficult journey.
No questions, just taking his hand and trusting him.

We do not learn that over night, and He understands that.

So, where are you today?
Is He reaching out?
Are you asking "Why"?
Or "Where"?
or "How long"?

Or will we simply take His hand,
and trust that He will lead us in a safe path.
He promises to never leave us or forsake us,
and He promises to take care of His children.

Thank you Lord.

Be Blessed everyone