Thursday, April 7, 2016

Delineating Duties


In your marriage or other relationships, do you delineate duties?
Have you figured out which things you will do, and which things your spouse will do?

Is it a written list, or just in your heads?
Does it change, or stay the same?

What about in your relationship with God? Have you delineated duties?
Is there a list of what you expect God will do,
and what you are supposed to do?
Is it written down, or in your head?
Does your list change?

Do you have things you feel like you can do yourself? the easy, every day things?
no need to bother God with those. you are quite capable to handle them yourself, right?

so, you only go to God with the big things. how do you think he feels about that?
OK, here is the scenario. you are going along in life, it's running smooth, then, bam! a big and not usually good event knocks you for a loop. then you call on God, right?

think about this a moment: how would you feel if a 'friend' never called you to say hi, or visited, or seemed to care a thing about you, then bam, out of the blue they had some catastrophe in their life and they desperately need your help. well like, who are you? you need what?

Just something to ponder....Do you call God your friend? Talk to Him each day? Stay connected?
Or is He just your "911" in emergencies.....

blessings all


Nancy Happily said...

Thank you so very much for sharing this! (It was like getting hit a "Gibbs head slab" if you ever watched NCIS) It really woke me up and opened both heart and my eyes. I can't thank you enough! I also enjoyed and got a lot from the deer story and photos. I miss your blog so very much!

Barbara Jean said...

Hi Nancy.
For some reason I have not been getting notifications on my blog when I get comments.
So imagine my delight when I found your comments on several of my posts!
I always hope what I write will help others, so thank you for your encouragement.

I really slowed down on blogging when I set up my fb page several years ago. Then 2 years ago we got fancy phones with cameras and I have yet to figure out how to put pictures on blogger. I feel bad always showing old pics, and frustrated I cannot show the new ones. Anyway, you have inspired me to get back on here and write. You know I always have something to say. :)
I hope you are doing well.