Monday, September 21, 2015

My Morning Walks With God

On my walk a few days ago,
I saw, off in the distance,
running across a big pasture,
4 HUGE dogs.

My first thought was,
"Hope they are friendly".
"Is that pasture fenced?"
Then quickly realized it wasn't.

About then, they 'ran' across the road.
Only they weren't really running,
they were gracefully 'leaping'.

Yes, it was 4 deer.
Four beautiful, deer, crossing the road in front of me.

They were running into an area of trees,
and on the other side of the trees was a pasture.

I hurried down the road a bit,
and quietly moved into the area where they had crossed.

I could see three of them, a bit of distance from where i was,
then i saw one in the trees, closer to me.

I slowly walked across the manure filled pasture,
waiting, watching, slowly moving forward,
careful not to scare the deer off,
looking for the very best picture i could get.

The deer looked up,
and knew I was there,
but did not run away.

She would eat a bit, and look up to check on me,
Then eat a bit more.

And then finally she meandered off down the trees to
cross the meadow with her friends.

When we were done,
and as i walked my way back across
the area and to the road,
I was thinking about how i had been totally
focused on getting those pictures.
I had carefully taken every step.
Looking for the best picture i could get.

I was not thinking about anything else.
I was totally focused on one thing.
I had not one thought of the day's problems.
No anxiety, no worries.

" Lord to help me do that in my walk with You.
Help me to stay totally focused on You.
Waiting, watching, slowly moving forward
always looking for Your best."

Blessings friends,

Barbara Jean

This was re posted from last summer for you to enjoy.


Debra@CommonGround said...

Even though we have a lot of deer in our area,(we live close to a large lake in the suburbs on the edge of town) I still feel it to be a huge blessing every time I see one. They are graceful and innocent. Thankyou for that analogy of our daily walk with perfect.

SharDon Exclusives said...

Barbara, I love seeing deer running gracefully through the woods but I am NOT crazy about what they do to a car if one gets in the way.
I love your background! I am crazy about pink roses so this is beautiful to me.

Leaon Mary said...

I felt as if it were I trying to get those pictures and realize that revelation that we need to be THAT focused on HIM! THATS GOOD STUFF!

OHHH to have a mind that would "stay" in focus. I so want that!
The peace of God that no one understands will come to us.
holykisses my in focus, here's your sign buddy! YOU WILL NEVER KNOW how BLESSED I am by your Godvision.
Love ya!

The Rustic Victorian said...

Just never know what a walk will give a person...what a little gift.. they are hard to take photos of.