Monday, January 4, 2016

Serious Question.....Aging, and Perplexed

Hi friends
I just need to get something off my chest and throw it out there for some feedback.
(It is too long for FB so I am putting it here.)

That picture is us. My sweet fella is 70 now, and I am 67.
We have been married 48 years, and very very happy.
We are in good health barring aches and pains that seem to come with age.

Here is what I am perplexed about:

We have a lot of friends and acquaintances who have serious health issues.
Cancer, heart attacks, Alzheimers, strokes. Some younger than us have passed away already.
 We are more grateful than words can say for our good health, and overall state of well being.
We love the Lord, and people, and are so grateful for our lives.

But I have been having this feeling that we need to 'do something'. Anything. Not just sit around and wait for one of those health issues to hit us.   We really have no desire to travel...(well, my sweet fella is most content to just stay home and relax.....he is retired and deserves that.)  He helps with things around the house, and I run my little store with a lot of help from my Mom, granddaughter, sweet fella and friends.
We live a comfortable and usually content life, looking for others to help.  God has blessed us so we can bless others.

But there is still that nagging...that 'get up and do something so we do not regret not doing it later' feeling.  I think my 'adventure' spirit is urging me to go have some fun, and I enjoy it most when my fella is with me.
Neither of us are feeling a 'calling' to foreign ministry, but do try to minister to those God puts in our lives every day.
But the "Urgency" to do something still nags me.

So, while we spend out days and evenings praying for marriages, addictions, and serious health issues for others.....I remain.....perplexed.

This is a chance I hope some of you will take to either give me feed back from things you have learned along these lines, or think of your own lives, and what you are doing, or not doing, while you still can.

Blessings in Him


Unknown said...

Maybe once a month you and Scott could go stay the night or weekend ata new place you haven't been to or its been a while. Like stay the weekend in Ashland or something along those lines. That way Scott only has to leave his sanctuary once a month and hopefully it will ease your nagging feeling.

Nancy Happily said...

Hi Barb,

Happy New Year! I'm always excited to get anything from your blog in my email! If you're wanting to "get away", the previous answer made a great suggestion.

There are also volunteer orgs that have short trips to volunteer your time to help those in need. Building water wells, homes, etc. A little research on the internet should get you the information quickly and easily.

There are also great orgs all around our wonderful country that help mothers, children, families, get on their feet. Especially now, since so many are dealing with getting over the flooding that just happened. Check your area to see if they have a shelter for women and children. Maybe they need help, or clothing to get back on their own. You could start a drive to help them? Maybe children need tutoring or companionship? Just some thoughts that popped into my head...I hope this helps you.

button lady said...

I know this might not sound as important or interest you but maybe you and Scott can go to different towns in Oregon or wherever and show some kindness or offer prayer for a family of a missing child. They are so upset they a lot of times are unable to function and do day to day tasks because of worry . They really count on the kindness of others and help.It is not a glamorous task but if interested I can give you the names of many that need help. I noticed for myself that helping others fills a void and brings great fulfillment . With the world today we need all the good people to stand up and help each other. Another idea is help out a veteran . If none of these ideas interest you try joining a square dance group , a body in motion stays in motion and they have events all over and its fun.

Kelly @ Homespuns 'n Hayfields said...

Hi there, thank you so much for dropping in on my blog.

What if you were to plan some day trips, maybe once a month. Just pick a place that interests you, maybe within a couple hours of your home, pack a picnic lunch or buy one and just go. Just the two of you, see something new and enjoy the day. It can be very refreshing to step away from regular life for a bit.

Have a great day, Kelly.

Grammy said...

My husband and I team-teach a health class with another couple from our church. It is called CHIP. Now is the time to get on the health train. So your last days will be vibrant and healthy and not spent wasting time in a nursing home! See this video:

BECKY said...

Hi Barb!
I so get what you're feeling! We have been happily married for 37 years, and I have been wanting to get going lately, too!! I think it's very common at our age. We never know what our future holds, but we do know that we are in the last trimester of our life here on earth. That alone helps fuel the desire to go and do, I think. Studies have proven, too, that those who keep doing and learning are giving themselves the best shot at longevity. I'm confident that if it's ministry God wants for you, He will show you. Maybe it's time to just explore a little together. Something as simple as "that place close by that you pass all the time but never stop to check out". Whether it's a lovely park, restaurant, shop, picnic at the lake, etc... just experience some new things every once in awhile together. How blessed we are to have our marriages, and hubbies to share with! I always enjoy new things more with him.

Hugs to you!! I will pray that God will help you figure it out! :o)