Saturday, July 3, 2010

Sometimes Life Bites

No cute picture today, just a story.

Sometimes Life Just Jumps Up and Bites Us.

I was going for my usual walk this morning.
A man and his little brown Dachshund were walking toward me.
It is the norm for me to greet whoever I see,
and should they have a friendly dog,
I take opportunity to give, and get some lovin' in.

This little guy was just jumping all over the place.
At the OK of the owner, I slowly knelt down,
and let him (the dog not the owner) smell my hand.
He was calm and friendly as I rubbed his belly
and talked to him.

As I stood up to go, the dog jumped 3 feet in
the air and bit me on the inside of my arm at the elbow.
"oh my gosh!" I said, shocked at what had happened.
"Did you see that?" I continued.
The man, concerned, answered, " yes, did he get you?"
"yes. He did", I said. "I cannot believe he jumped up that far."
He asked if I was OK. Said the dog does that sometimes.
He does not know why.
I of course took the blame, that I must have moved to fast.

My arm began to hurt instantly.
It did not look too bad, but was already swelling and turning red.
Since the skin was not broken, I said it was all OK,
and we continued on our separate ways.

As I walked on, it hit me.

Isn't that just like life sometimes?
You are just walking along, all is well,
and something unexpected just jumps up and bites you?
It can cause pain, shock you, throw you off the path.

You have a choice how you will respond to those times.
I could have gotten angry at the man,
I could have kicked the dog.
Life is full of choices.

So, I said the the Lord, "Help me to always be ready
to turn to you when the unexpected in life happens.
Help me to always have a good response."

Then I began to sob.
Much more than the pain of the dog bite.
The tears just poured out.
I realized that I was crying over other sad things in my life that
I do not usually let myself feel the pain of.
Mainly right now my Dad's declining health because
of Alzheimers, and another recent stoke.
And my Mom in her efforts to care for him.
It's very hard to see your parents getting older,
and closer to a time when they will not longer be here with us.

So, was the man, and his biting dog there,
so that I might pour some of my sad out in cleansing tears?

Was it to see how I would respond to that situation?

Was it God using every day circumtances to teach me, as He
has so many times before?

Whatever it was, and maybe it was all of those,
I hope I am learning what He wants to teach me.


barbara jean

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The Rustic Victorian said...

Hi Barb!
Gosh, I got bit by a weiner dog once, I don't pet them any more. Seems like no mater how we try to do things the right way, ocassionaly we get bit. I am glad you are ok. I think we need a good cry now and again to relieve stress...God knows we need it. Isn't it comforting to know one day we will know all the answers to all of our questions, and greet all those we loved in the kingdom of Heaven. And we will all be whole, and health a non issue.
You are a very giving person to be taking care of your parents at the end of their is alot to take on. Take care of you too and keep walking with God, I will pray for you, one day, we will meet.