Sunday, August 8, 2010

Little Birdy Blessings

This is one of the comments on the little birdy story I posted previously:

"Hi Barb, Your group looks great, I guess I am more than happy with these beautiful creasiones own. The history of the bird is very sweet!, I see an analogy with what Jesus does with us, cares for us as a bird and when we are hurt heals us, home supplies, care of all kinds, and gives us to drink water of life! very beautiful gesture of pure love. Rose Marie greetings"

I love Rose Marie's analogy on the little bird story. (go here to read) About Jesus caring for us when we are hurt and heals us, provides for us, takes care of us in all ways, and gives us the water of life!
Thanks Rose Marie for allowing me to share that with my readers.

If you would like to read more of Rose Marie's incites on her lovely blog, please go HERE

Sunday blessings everyone

barbara jean

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