Sunday, October 18, 2009

My Morning Walks With God

Good morning.

I saw this little 'treasure' (above) while i was walking this morning.
What does it look like to you?
Reminds me of one of those puppets.
You know, like Oscar the grouch or something?
Just made me smile.
I guess maybe I'm weird, that i can see a puppet smile
in a chestnut shell.

Well, I guess that is just how I see things in life.

Instead of just a bunch of geese,
I see safety in numbers.
I see apprehension and fear where there should be none.
I see how they always stick together,
and that they never wander far from the others.

I see whichever way one went,
they all followed.
What do you see?
Which one of the geese are you?
Are you the leader?
Do you stay close so you are not alone?
So you feel safe?
Do you feel threatened when there is no need?


And what about this dog?

Every time i walk on the road that goes by his house,
he barks and barks at me.
He paces up and down the fence,
barking the whole time.

He seems mean, scary, even ferocious .

Is he really?
Or is that just his outer behavior,
what he uses to keep others away?
Is it how he has been trained?

Is he just protecting his space? His home?
Is he really mean, or is he afraid,
so he puts up a big mean show so no one knows?

When what he really wants is someone to scratch his belly,
and play with him?

How do we come across?
Are we wearing ourselves out pacing back and forth in life?

Do we seem mean?
When maybe we are just unsure of ourselves,
and do not know how to let others in?


Just some thoughts to ponder.

Blessings on your Monday.

barbara jean


Chatty Crone said...

I don't think I'd take a chance and try to pet that dog!

You must take a camera with you when you walk - good idea.

marie said...

Great post Barbara - definitely some food for thought.

I LOVE the geese pictures by the way!

The Rustic Victorian said...

I feel like I have been on a walk with you,,,thanks,,,I am especially in love with the ducks,geese,,all of them. Good shot! I am one in the middle probably, not a natural follower.