Thursday, November 8, 2012

The Power of I AM


  I have met a new blogger..

Her name is Sherry, and her blog is

The Rusty Pearl.

  She has great tips on this and that, and wise words to share.

 I especially enjoyed this post from a few days ago.

  The Power of I AM !!!!

Happy Sunday everyone... .This evening I watched the life class with Oprah and Joel Olsteen and I must say that It really moved me. I thought I would take the time to blog about it. ... Have you ever said I am this or I am that.. I am poor, I am fat, I am tired etc...The list of our recordings go on and on.. However If we will wake up each day and simply start off with THANK YOU !!! See what they mentioned was true (GOD HAS ALREADY WRITTEN OUR STORY) .. So if you dont like the page you are on...SIMPLY hang on and turn the page. We really are where we are supposed to be. It is truly (I THINK ) how we handle it that matters. Start your new I AM"S .. tell yourself that your amazing, Fabulous, ...Even beautiful. ( When I heard them say ..Tell yourself your beautiful !!!! I was like WHAT ? ?  ? WHO does that ? ) God does. When we honor and respect ourselves, I think we honor GOD.... SO having said that I hope that you change your recordings that you play in your mind and start new positive ones... I will start my day when I wake up from now on with simply ...I AM THANKFUL.... Tell me what you think ... Have a blessed week everyone .

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