Wednesday, March 31, 2010

My Walk With God This Morning

my morning walk

I've been seeking direction about things in my life.
Asking God to confirm (for the third time!)
which direction I should go, with the store, blogging, creating.
Where He wants to use me.
Then I realized it is not direction I need
as much as knowing Him more.
Everything else will fall into place if I'm doing that.

With tears running down, and outstretched hand, I said,
"Lord, I just want to know you more. show me how to do that.

With the gentle touch of His hand on my shoulder He said,

"The more you share my love,
the more I fill you with me."

I'm holding that in my heart.

Then He said, "Keep your eyes lifted up,
and see all that I have for you today."


"I love you and I'm always with you."

May you be blessed with His presence this day.

barbara jean


Unknown said...

There have been many a day I've had this same talk, walk & emotion with Him, Barbara Jean. He never fails to lead ...

Happy blessed Easter!
Hugs, Marydon

The Rustic Victorian said...

Thank you God! We know he loves it when we talk and listen.