Friday, March 12, 2010

A Jesus Moment

Divinely Appointed

The other day at the thrift store,
I had opportunity to give clothes and food to someone,
who was down and out.
A young man who had been living in the woods for 10 days.

I have been having a hard time connecting with the Lord for awhile.
You know, knowing He is there, and feeling connected.
Two different things.
But this helped.
An opportunity to give, and love as Jesus would.
Then realizing after, that I was actually giving
to Him and for when I did it.

That is what I told the young man as I bought him a pair of socks,
and gave him money for lunch.
That's what Jesus would do if he was here,
so I was doing it for Jesus.

He believed Jesus was a man,
not his savior.

I asked his name.
I said to him,
I will pray that you will know Jesus as your personal savior,
and that some day I will see you and your bike in Heaven.
(I know, not quite scriptural, but it was the thought.)

I gave him a hug as we parted.

That's all.
No long testimony,
No, these are the steps you should take,
just a simple encounter sharing the love of Jesus.

I know I was blessed even more than Joshua that day.
I saw what is really important in this life.
Sharing the love of Jesus with another.

Joshua is in my prayers now.
Maybe I will see him in Heaven.

May you have a Jesus Moment in your life today,
and share His love with another.


barbara jean


Dragonlady said...

Barb, You are so intutive...You see one day last week, a man rang my door bell, hubby was home from work, but taking a nap, so I opened the door, he asked oif he could rake the yard for $10.00..
I told him, I would have to wait for hubby to answer that...He said, I am homeless, and haven't eaten in a long time..I looked him over and he was dressed ok, but my heart wet out to him, but I had to say, I don't have any cash and I don't work...He said OK and walked away, and I closed the has bothered me ever since cause afterwards, I first though was, Did Jesus send him to my door and I just turned him away...So, I prayed for the Lord to Please forgive me and to send him to a house that would help him...
I have felt guilty, but had told him the truth...I think of him almost everyday...

I told my Husband when he woke up, he said you shouldn't be opening the door to strangers...He does not understand....
Thank you for sharing your story..
My you have a blessed day...

Moore Minutes said...

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Barb, this is a beautiful story of simply following Jesus. I came here to ask you a favor but I ended up being richly blessed by YOU tonight and inspired to walk closer to our SWEET Jesus tomorrow. Thank you.

The Rustic Victorian said...

What is beautiful??? This is beautiful.