Saturday, January 31, 2009

To What End?

Ever get really excited about something, then tell someone else and they are less than excited?

Ever wonder what good the thing you are excited about is doing?

To what end? For what purpose?

Heaven only knows, I thought. And then I wondered if 'heaven' really cared about it.
If He cares one way or the other. I don't mean, does He give a rip, but is He OK with what I do as long as i keep Him first and honor Him in it?

I know the Lord gives us gifts to share, and wants us to enjoy what He has given us, but...

Have I put these things first?

Am I as excited about Him, as I am these 'things'?

Do I tell people about Him? Or just tell about the 'things' I am doing?

I'm thinking if i have to ask myself these questions, maybe i have my priorities a bit out of order right now.
And, maybe i know i do, but I'm enjoying myself too much to stop.
Stop long enough to hear His voice.

Just pondering.

Blessings, and prayers, as I seek Him.

Barbara Jean


ksarra said...

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. If we do all things for HIS glory, then I believe we will lead a fulfilling life. I had a friend who was absolutely the most generous person, but every time we tried to thank her she would always say, "Give the glory to God!"

ksarra said...

Hi Barb, hope your day was a good one filled with happiness. Thanks for coming by for a visit!