Monday, January 19, 2009

Hands, Loving Hands

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I had a wonderful picture (in my minds eye) yesterday as we worshiped at church.
I hope I can communicate, through words, what it was, and how it spoke to me.

I saw myself, holding Jesus' hand. We weren't walking hand in hand as two adults, but I was a child, next to a very tall Jesus. He in His long flowing white robe and long brown hair (of course), and me, at 7 or 8, in a cute little plaid skirt, white shirt and socks, with my curly red hair. (it amazes me how in a second of a vision there can be so much detail). It was a very peaceful place to be. Very safe.

Then, in a flash, the picture changed to Jesus holding my hand, but in a another way. Slightly ahead of me, and showing me which way He wanted me to go. He wasn't pushing me from behind, or yelling "Come this way! Go that way!". He wasn't yanking on me, but was gently leading me, without saying a word.
He is my guide through life.

The next scene was one of me on the floor, in a puddle of tears, weak and weary, with no strength to carry on. His loving hands reached down and gently lifted me up to Him. He held me in His loving arms, comforted, and cared for me.
He is my comforter when there is sorrow, my strength when I am weak.

In shame I kept my face down. In shame that I had come no further in my walk with Him, had not yet learned to totally trust Him, even with all He has shown of Himself to me, all His help and love.
He gently lifted my face in His loving hands, looked into my eyes, and assured me with a gentle smile, that He understands. A look that said His love is not dependent on those things. His love for me never changes. Gently He stroked my hair with His hands, and wiped the tears from my eyes.

I laid my head on His shoulders. As He wrapped His arms around me, and held me, the tears were no longer of shame, but of the joy of having a God who loves me, knows my every thought, feels my pain and comforts me, knows my heart to love Him, and gently leads me through life.

One day I will be in His presence forever, and the small glimpse of Him yesterday will be nothing compared to His countenance when we see Him face to face.
I can only imagine what that will be like.

I hope we will all meet in His presence some day.
In the meantime, Jesus is there for you, whatever your need.
He is perfect love, and He is waiting to shower that love over you.

Blessings on your day.

Barbara Jean


Lynne (lynnesgiftsfromtheheart) said...

Barb, I read this post with tears flowing down my face. This was just beautiful. Your heart is so open and caring. I'm so fortunate to have found you and call you friend. Thanks for taking the time to visit today. hugs my friend, ~lynne~

Barbara Jean said...

Thank you for sharing in my
"hands, loving hands" post.
I'm glad it touched your heart.

I do so thank the Lord for our new friendship.

Blessings on your day tomorrow.

Barbara Jean

Anitra Cameron said...

What a lovely post. Typing with goose bumps.