Saturday, January 3, 2009

Hello Friends.

We got back from Southern Cal. on New Years Eve about 7:30.
Trip down was OK. Not much snow, but had to chain up anyway.
It was good to see family, and it was a nice service for Mom.

My folks live in Arizona, about 3 hours from Scott's brother's house, so he said we should go visit them before we came home. He said that when you lose someone close to you it makes you more mindful of spending time with those you love that are still here.
The thought to go see them had never even crossed my mind. Just figured on a 2 day trip down, 1 or 2 days visit, and 2 days drive back.
So, we had a good 1 day visit with them, then headed home. It was a real blessing to them, and us.

Trip home was clear roads, and not even any rain in Oregon!!!
We are back to our usual busy lives, with quiet moments of sorrow when we can't keep busy enough. All part of the process.

Tomorrow we have Christmas with our kids and grand-kids. Turkey, presents, and the whole thing. It will be a fun day.

To all of you who have prayed, and left encouraging messages, thank you.

I pray God's blessing on all our friends and family in 2009.


Lynne (lynnesgiftsfromtheheart) said...

I'm glad you made it home safe and sound. It's amazing important family seems to get when we loose someone isn't it. I know she'll be missed. Barb please use the suitcase.. I'm always happy to share...hugs ~lynne~

JANN said...

Hi Barb,
THANK YOU SO MUCH for viewing my blog and for leaving such a kind comment. YOUR visit was much appreciated. Sorry to hear that your MOM passed away. I know personally the pain that goes with that but after reading your blog I can feel what a great belief you have in God.
That will carry you through but it is still hard to deal with.
Congrats on all your new grandchildren, Yes they are such joys and great gifts from God.
May your New Year be the best ever for you and your families.
Thanks again !