Tuesday, November 11, 2008


This is the unnamed blog. Maybe you can help me name it.
Pondering? Sharing my Heart? This is the real thing? Part of me? Consistency, or Feeling?
or, pick your own name.

Have you ever been so busy with life, you forgot to live?
Going through the motions of life, but there is not as much emotional attachment?
Today I am pondering these things: thinking, checking in with myself, re-evaluating, hoping I can re-connect, and maybe help someone else in the process.

I realize that maintaining a certain level of "consistency" in life is a good thing. We continue the process that is every day life. We get up, get dressed, do our chores, help others.
I choose to give thanks to the Lord, read, and pray, serve Him, even when my heart isn't fully in it.

But I am a feeling person!! I want to, maybe even 'need' to," feeeel " life! And I'm not just asking for HAPPY, I would even settle for tears! (Maybe 'cleansing' tears, not sad tears). Just more feeling than i am having lately!

I don't want to make this too long, just doing my 'soul searching' with you this morning.
I have gone through this process before, and come out on the other side just fine, smiling, or crying, glad to feel like my old self again, and realizing that is all part of who i am. All part of the process. Just remembering that, has given me a smile from deep inside.

And speaking of smiles, thank you to all those who encourage and help me, who share my joys and my sorrows, and love me right where I'm at.
And thank you to my God, the Creator of the heavens and earth, that you care about every little detail of my life, you know my heart, accept my prayers and praises, and always hear me when i call. WOW!!

Have a wonderful day. Share your heart with someone. Listen to a friend. and know God hears you when you call.

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